New Jerusalem, Revisited

A few years ago, the idea of buying a large piece of land and starting a community called New Jerusalem was Revealed to the Mission. We asked if 100 people would each give $100,000 so we could have ten million to start a decent-sized community here in New Mexico. There were no takers so the project was put on the back burner. Right after that Revelation, the price of land went through the roof around here. With that much money we no longer could have afforded to create such a community. It seemed it was not time for this vision and so it was no longer pursued.

After the financial crash and deep recession that we are going through, land is plentiful again and many are desperate to sell. At the same time, the idea of using renewable energy (solar, etc.) and having wells on our properties so we can become self-sufficient (off the grid) became stronger. Now we believe that is the way to go. In fact, that seems to be the only way to go. There is no doubt that the situation on earth has become worse, and will become even more unbearable in the near future. All indications are that we will go through a very tough time called the tribulation.

Only those who prepare for this will have some hope to ride it to the end. Individuals who think they can ride it by themselves by storing some food and preparing to defend what they have will not succeed. It will be the self-sufficient communities, the groups of people who are well-prepared, that will survive.

Probably the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was another warning to all of us. They could not fix the problem until we had an article about it last month, and after that suddenly they were able to control the oil and keep it from gushing into the water (although they were not sure it would hold). It seems God was trying to let all know that another Prophecy was fulfilled. The water was full of oil, dispersants, and other elements which made it look like blood, fulfilling the Prophecy that this will happen at the end time.

Furthermore, as is explained in my other article for this month, it seems what happened in the Gulf was karma from the past. It was only after we decided to write that article that BP was able to completely cap the well and permanently stop the oil spill.

Of course, this event is not the only sign telling humanity that the end time is near. The writing is on the wall, and if you cannot see it you have to be blind (your spiritual Eye). If you see it and still hesitate and resist the call, it seems you might be having your head in the sand (or snow) like the famous bird that does not want to admit that the hunters are approaching. For those whose Eyes are open and are not rationalizing that it is not happening or will not happen, this is another sign to wake up and be one of the pioneers to start the communities that will survive the FALL.

After studying the possibility of creating self-sufficient communities, it seems the ultimate ones are those that are self-contained and can survive the upheaval coming to humanity. I talked about having solar panels or other means of collecting energy and giving the extra energy we make back to the grid. I was thinking that if we create enough energy, the grid might eventually store the extra and so we will no longer need the present commercial energy systems and can eliminate them.

It appears, however, that at this time most of these systems will not reimburse you for the energy you send to the grid if it is more than you need. That is: You can zero your own payment for energy, but if you provide anything more you will not be paid for it. Not only will they not pay you for the extra energy you provide them, but also they will not store it and will instead sell it to make more money for themselves. That was not the idea.

The idea was to collect the extra energy created by households to be used for other things. This will create a clean and cheap energy grid without central providers. It will also empower the individuals, families, and communities, not the companies and those who have already proven that they are just interested in their bottom line.

We do support businesses and their services are necessary, but it should not come to the point that individuals lose their God-Given powers. Companies also should not be able to destroy the earth and nature. Having enough energy to live is a right for all humans, and we have to create energy in a way that is least destructive to nature. That means using the natural ways. There is infinite energy for us to use.

This, of course, does not mean that my July article is completely invalid. Following what was given will still have a great effect on nature and the way we live. In fact, we might use that advice to start the process. However, the ultimate manifestation of this process is self-sufficient communities that store their extra energy in their local areas for their use. Also, arrangements can be made to distribute energy all throughout the earth. This way, free (or almost free) energy will be for all and will be forever.

So again we are resurrecting the project New Jerusalem. This time, however, we ask everyone who can, to sell their belongings and come and buy houses around the Mission Center. We can start by putting solar panels on our roofs, or using other means to create our own energy. In the beginning we will send our extra energy to the grid until we reach a time when we can buy a large piece of land and create a self-sufficient community, with enough energy, stored energy, water, etc., to survive on. This might become a good example for the rest of the humanity to follow.

The vision is that: The Mission Center is very close to the main metropolitan area. People who come here can still continue to be employed and support themselves and their families, etc. Even when we eventually start the first self-sufficient community, the land will be as close to the main metropolitan area as possible. This way we will remain a prosperous and connected community. We will continue this way until the time comes that we all agree it is the end time, and then the community will prepare to survive and Pass Over the last hump to the New era. This might take some time, as this is the first incarnation and we still have two more to go :).

This might sound like other doomsday cults in the past that ended up in not such a good place, but it is not. One of the things I have refused to do is to create a cult. In the transitional period we will study the viability of such a project. We will calculate how many people are needed to create such a community. We will write covenants and bylaws for the community. We will choose the leaders of this community so people are treated according to the covenants and bylaws.

We will gently implement the Mission teachings until they become a dominating force in each persons life because everyone will understand the strong principles they are based on and how they bring peace, tranquility, unity, and most importantly God to the community. If a person, in their right mind, does not understand that what God has Revealed is the best, we have to be patient and compassionate that they will eventually realize it themselves. So there will not be any possibility of creating a cult.

It seems the Vision of the places that will survive the coming disasters and tribulations is becoming clearer as we go on with the Mission. The Call is out, and again it is up to all of you to answer it.

Do not blame God if the disasters come and you are not ready. This point cannot be overemphasized. As the famous saying goes: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves. It is time to make the decisions that will push this Vision towards fruition.

I have to give all that I receive and then leave everyone to God. It is now between you and Him. The Call has been out for 30+ years. We need to create these communities and the New Man. If we hesitate and resist, we are delaying the Work of God!

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