Snippets by Maitreya

August/September 2010

This section contains short comments (snippets) by Maitreya on some news items He reads during the month, as well as other thoughts, quotes, etc.


1. Oil 'plume' threatens Gulf waters: It seems the damage to the Gulf water by the oil spill is more extensive than it appears. Huge plumes of oil have been discovered almost 1,200 meters below the surface. This could affect the environment unpredictably for years to come. Maybe the karma created is extended to more than the Iranian incident, if there are other cases similar to that one!

2. US jobless claims climb to 500,000: The world economy, and the US economy in particular (in this article), is not recovering as many economists expected. If they had read our articles and essays about why this is happening, they would have been in better shape to deal with the situation. They still think inside of the box and cannot free themselves from the old schools of thought. We need the Paravipras to use our teachings (think outside of the box) and so can deal with this effectively.

3. Do-it-yourself solar panel kit aims to slow meter: It is recommended to start small when it comes to transferring from old fossil fuel-based energy to renewable energy. It seems this kit could be a good starting point and anyone could do it. Hopefully one day we can have an interconnected system that stores renewable energy all throughout the earth. Then we can have unlimited and cheap energy for the foreseeable future!

4. Fla. minister: Quran burning still planned: Rev. Terry Jones in Gainesville, FL is planning to burn Korans on the anniversary of 9/11 this month. Muslims are up in arms opposing this action. By doing so, they are giving Mr. Jones legitimacy, fame, and power over them. If your religion and Revelation has come from God, which we know the Koran has, no matter what others do to it, still it is from God. It is the Revelation and the Truth Revealed that is important, not the paper and ink used to spread it!

Muslims should follow what Christ said: A Pearl is a Pearl even if it is dragged into mud. Such actions should be ignored and should not be honored, as people who do things like this are doing it from ignorance, and nothing is better than to ignore an 'ignore-ant' person!

Update (9/9/2010): After this snippet was written, it seems Mr. Jones might not go ahead with his decision to burn Korans if the planned mosque in New York is moved farther away from Ground Zero. The discussion on this agreement was still ongoing when this Newsbrief was released. However, as explained in this snippet, no extreme beliefs which exclude the rest of humanity should stand.

Bits of Truth

1. Those who think they know it all, never learn. Those who learn, never stop learning, and never believe that they know it all!

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