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Message From Maitreya

New Jerusalem, 
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New Jerusalem, revisited!
Another Call to all! With recent realizations, the process of formation of future communities on earth is becoming clearer! Read...

The Shah and BPNations create karma!
Does the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have a karmic root? Read...

SnippetsSnippets by M!
This section contains short comments by Maitreya onnews itemsHe reads during the month, as well as other thoughts, quotes, etc.! Read...


The Maitreya BuddhaThe Maitreya Prophecy, 'Maitreyavyakarana'!
Prophecies given by Buddha seem to point to this time for the coming of Maitreya! Read...


Information about the 2010 Feast!
More details about preparing for the Feast, the schedule, etc.!Read...

Questions for Maitreya's Q&A sessions!
Maitreya will be answering questions in 3 PalTalk sessions during the Feast. If you have aquestion for Him...! Read...

The Mission of Maitreya on Wikipedia!
We have finally been Wikified! Next step: Our own page! Read...

Strange symbols on website no longer a mystery!
We know why it happened and how to fix it. Now we just need to know where they are! Read...

New sharing buttons for Newsbrief!
The 'Share' button at the bottom of the Newsbrief has been moved...! Read...

Possible tool for the Mission!
Email signature service Wisestamp seems like it could be very useful for outreach! Read...


This section is for the monthly reports that have been sent to the Mission by members and contacts! Read...

MOM Meeting
MOM Members Meeting

Wednesday,September15 at 7:30 PM Mountain Standard Time. Noor/Unus will be the moderator/co-moderator this month. More info...

Feast starts: September 22, 2010

We are a 2009 
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Message From Maitreya
MOM Members Meeting

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