Freemake Video Converter

We try to make the resources of the Mission as freely available as possible through the website. However, one of the major hurdles to doing this is that not all computers can use all the same file formats. For example, we have many .wmv (Windows Media Video) files on the FTP site; however, Macintosh computers cannot play .wmv files by default.

To solve this problem and increase the usability of our files, we have uploaded a program called Freemake Video Converter to the FTP site (under Software, File_Format_Converter) for anyone to download and use (it can also be found free on the Freemake website and elsewhere on the internet).

This excellent program allows you to easily convert audio, video, and picture files to other formats. For example, it can convert our many .wmv files to .mov (Apple Quicktime), .mpeg, .flv (Adobe Flash), and more. Therefore, if your computer cannot recognize a file, download this program and use it to convert the file to the format you need.

As an extra, the program can also burn DVDs, optimize files for specific uses such as on iPods, and perform several other helpful tasks.

We hope this will prove helpful to people in using our website and files!

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