Short Video Project Finished

We are pleased to report that the short video project we first announced in the February 2010 Newsbrief has been completed. It is professionally done, eye-catching, and very well-designed. Rather than try to introduce the Mission as a whole (which is impossible to do in only a few minutes, as the Mission is so huge and all-encompassing), it offers quick, intriguing tidbits about many different parts of the Mission. In this way, it can appeal to people of many different backgrounds, beliefs, and understandings, and intrigue them just enough to visit the website and learn more for themselves (which is all that our outreach needs to do; once a person has visited the website, they are Called and it is between them and God). We commend Shirin for a professional job done and thanks God for the creative energy He sent through her.

The video has evolved into two versions: The version that can be found on Maitreya's Amazon Author Page and is specifically designed for that page, and a universal version which can be used anywhere. This universal version can be found on Youtube, on Vimeo, and on our FTP site (as well as the other places that Shirin has already uploaded it to). It can be downloaded directly from Vimeo and from the FTP site, in both Mac- and Windows-friendly formats. It can also be easily shared from YouTube and Vimeo and/or embedded in any website, blog, etc. (as it has been below). Therefore, all the resources are provided to post this video throughout social networks and the Internet as a whole.

We feel this video should be spread as far and wide as possible. A video can often attract more people and express much more than text, and so works very well as something to quickly post and direct people to. A video also has the possibility of becoming viral, suddenly becoming known worldwide and gaining millions of hits, etc.

Therefore, those who are spreading the Mission through social networking and online should focus on using this video as one of their primary resources, post it on all their current and future profiles and projects, etc. We expect this will greatly increase the effectiveness of our online outreach, and enable us reach more of the Elects and the seekers of God.

May God allow this new tool to bring us great fruit in our Cause!

Here is the universal version of the video, embedded from YouTube:

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