Disciple Nominated for Award

One of our members at the Mission Center, Ananda Ma, often pulls weeds along the sidewalks in our neighborhood and keeps the walking space clear and beautiful. Another walker was so impressed by her volunteer efforts (it is quite something to see a woman of Ananda Ma's age spending hours pulling weeds on her own time) that they decided to nominate her for the Silver Horizons Senior Hall of Fame award! This award honors "outstanding seniors over the age of 65 who have demonstrated a lifetime commitment to community service."

It is great to see Mission members being recognized for doing good works and serving the community. In fact, with our teachings everyone can and will become outstanding citizens. That is another benefit that the Mission is bringing to humanity. However, we should not become attached to praise and create big egos, but glorify God who has done these good works through us, and realize that if we follow Maitreya's teachings, we become good/outstanding people!

Others will notice that the people in the Mission are Godly, moral, hardworking, etc., and will become more interested in learning about the teachings. They may spread the word to others of this new organization and how upstanding its members are. Eventually the Mission will create a reputation for excellence, quality, and righteousness, and everyone will realize that we really have something exceptional that is worth looking into and following.

The woman who nominated Ananda Ma and the Silver Horizons organization now know about the Mission and that one of its members does praiseworthy volunteer work. Therefore, at least in our local community, the first step has been taken towards the vision explained above.

So, do good works because they are Good to do, not to be recognized for them. However, if you are recognized, accept it, Praise God, let all know it is God who does it through you, and use it for God. The best way to spread the Mission is by example!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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