Update on Project Beyondmind

It has been a while since we have given an update on Project Beyondmind, headed by Unus in Turkey. However, some developments have happened in the last few months that are worth reporting. In his monthly report for this Newsbrief, Unus has given a good overview of these developments, so we are copying the relevant part of his report here:

My personal struggle in knowing myself and following the Eternal Divine Path here in Turkey ended up in the creation of a company that is based on a business model that has helped me balance my life as much as possible in the current situation. This company is called Beyondmind and it currently teaches Pilates, yoga, and meditation in three different centers in Turkey. The goal of this company is to franchise centers in Turkey and all over the world and later become a training ground for the Paravipras as well.

This month I spent most of my time establishing the newest of these three Beyondmind centers in a city called Izmir. I am used to the process by now, but of course every city and situation has its differences, advantages, disadvantages and difficulties. So this has become another test for the business, its model and plan, and my ability and strength in letting God run it.

In the process this month a blog page and an account on YouTube was created for Beyondmind. On the blog I post information and news about Beyondmind, and on YouTube I share short clips from different kinds of workouts and yoga and Pilates sessions. The longer versions of these videos will eventually be sold through the Beyondmind website and in stores, but will be free on the Mission website.

So ATTG for the new, third Beyondmind center in Izmir! As Unus said, the goal is that eventually these centers will evolve into comprehensive training grounds to create Paravipras and help them become strong physically, mentally, and spiritually, through exercise, innercise (yoga, tai chi, etc.), meditation, fresh and local food, etc.

The new blog page is also good news, and should be checked frequently by anyone who is interested in learning more about and/or helping with the Beyondmind project. Unus will use this blog to communicate anything he wishes to say about Beyondmind, such as updates, requests, etc. Because of its importance, we have added a link to this blog to the "Quick Links" section on the right side of the Newsbrief ("Beyondmind Blog"), so it will be easily accessible from the Newsbrief in the future.

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, etc. for the Beyondmind project, please contact Unus at unus111@gmail.com. May many people become involved, and this project bear much Fruit for the Mission and God!

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