Mission on New Websites

In our continuing goal to spread throughout the internet as much as possible, we have added the Mission to three new websites this month, all dealing with non-profit organizations and/or charity and donations. We hope everyone will take the time to visit the Mission's pages on these, join them, leave reviews, like and share them, and perform all the other normal social networking actions to firmly establish us as a presence there. Here are the sites:

  1. GuideStar: Apparently we have always been listed on this website, as it seems to list all non-profit organizations with registered 501(c)(3) status, but we were not linked to the listing and it is very barebones. We are now in control of the listing, and are in the process of filling out the profile and adding pictures, videos, a mission statement, and other information. The GuideStar service is linked to many other websites and services, so developing our page there should help our outreach elsewhere as well.

  2. Crowdrise: This is a website whose main purpose is to allow individuals to encourage others to donate to charities and non-profits they are passionate about (see how it works: written, video). The Mission is now listed as one of the non-profits that people can donate to, start fundraisers and projects for, write comments about, etc.

  3. Causes: This service is very similar to Crowdrise, but is closely linked to Facebook (about Causes). However, much of the functionality of this page requires that you be an admin for it. If you are interested in taking a deeper role in expanding our presence on this site, and would like to become an admin, please email us.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).