Using Facebook Questions

In several of her reports, our contact in Colorado, Shirin, mentioned using the Yahoo Answers site to spread the Mission by answering other people's questions about God, religions, the world, etc. with information from Maitreya's teachings and then providing links to the website for further study. Not only would the original askers of the questions see these answers, but so would anyone who searched for the same questions later on. It seems to be another good way to spread the teachings online and post Mission materials and the website in as many places as possible.

Therefore, we would like to encourage people to use the Facebook Questions service in a similar manner. First introduced in the summer of 2010, Facebook Questions is almost exactly the same as Yahoo Answers in function and purpose. Therefore, the same strategy that was used for Yahoo Answers can be applied there. There is a whole Religion section full of questions just waiting for the answers that only the Mission can provide :).

There may be other similar sites on the internet as well. We would encourage everyone to look into these and use them all to their fullest potential. If you find other good sites like this, let us know and we will write about them in subsequent Newsbriefs.

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