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There Is a Time to...

The title above holds one of the greatest wisdoms of the ages. It, of course, is from the Bible. Indeed, the Bible is one of the greatest books of wisdom, and following it leads to peace and a happy life. With our Revelation and Truth, this book is even more relevant than ever before.

In every age, humans have believed that the system they are following is the best. For a long time, humans struggled with the mundane. They were hunters, gatherers, etc. From the very beginning, belonging to a larger tribe, a more dominating tribe, a more aggressive tribe, etc. had its advantages and made life easier.

Such tribes (groups) could hunt better, they could help one another better, they could dominate others better, etc. Still, the number of such groups was limited by the number of available animals to hunt, the places to gather food, how large a group could become before it was considered too big, etc.

Humans eventually learned how to farm and grow food. That was a great improvement. Now they did not have to move around and could stay in one place and create permanent communities, tribes, groups, etc. However, there was a group of people who could no longer satisfy their desire to explore, conquer new territories to hunt and gather what they needed, etc. They eventually realized that now they could dominate these farmers. They created small armies and robbed the helpless farmers of their crops.

The farmers eventually decided to hire some of these armies to protect them from other groups. The hired groups also saw a benefit in this arrangement. They accepted many farms under their protection and this made them rich beyond their imagination. Also, it was a steadier income, less work and war, etc. As they subdued other smaller groups and absorbed them into theirs, they became larger, more powerful, and richer.

This new class of warriors eventually created the feudal age. The strongest and richest became the kings and emperors, etc. As these warrior classes became larger and more powerful, they had to deal with other powerful kings and emperors. The administration of these large territories became more important than just being courageous and warrior-like. They also needed better weapons, strategies, technologies, etc.

It was then that administrators and inventors became important. In fact, the kings could no longer rely only on their brave armies and their numbers. Victory was instead based on who had better weapons, strategies, and administration. So the kings character changed to a more administrative one. The old, courageous kings were either replaced with the later kind or they became just a figurehead while the administrators ran the kingdom.

These administrators, who really were intellectuals, figured out that a government consists of three bodies: Legislative, administrative, and judiciary. They also hated the idea of a king who was king for no apparent reason, usually just because he inherited it. They also came up with the idea of democracy and voting rights, etc. So the new idea that democracy is the ultimate and best system was born. Intellectuals also came up with the idea of the free market economy and the advantages it has.

There was another group of intellectuals, however, that promoted the communist ideology. Basically it preaches that everyone should work for a society according to their ability and take from it according to their needs. The leaders emerged from a one-party system and they were supreme. As we have explained in our teachings, this system did not have the element of self-interest and private ownership which is a great motivator to improve one's belongings and properties, etc. As we know, this system was short-lived and most of the counties which followed it are now reverting to capitalism.

From the very beginning, all these systems catered to businessmen, as they all needed businessmen one way or another. However, in the Industrial Revolution, the power of the business class peaked and they took over the earth with subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) moves. They have been the dominating force since then, and until recently they have proven to be invincible and have done as they pleased. However, recently everyone has started seeing cracks in their system!

One of the principles of the free market economy is: If a company is not profitable and/or fails, it should be left to fall. However, the companies that have brought the world economy down to its knees have been depicted as "too big to fail." If it is too big and inefficient, etc., it should fail! The whole idea is that the new and nimbler organizations will replace the old and inefficient ones. Dinosaurs could not continue to exist because they were too big and inefficient! So now we see that even the free market economy also has failed.

All throughout history, the people in each system believed that what they had found was the best. However, all these systems have been proven to not be perfect and have failed. They have put the wisdom of the Book (Bible) away. The truth is: There is a time for the warrior class, and there is a time for intellectuals, etc. To use this wisdom on earth we need the Paravipras, who will recognize this and implement it as the system from Spirit (God). The Paravipras are those who have the abilities of all the classes in society (read THOTH). They can work like laborers. They are courageous like the warrior class. They are intellectual like intellectual people, and they are shrewd like businessmen.

Paravipras can easily see when one period or system has neared its end, and can ease the environment for the next system to emerge. In fact, I saw the coming of the end of the business cycle in the US around 10-15 years ago. The services went down and the customer was no longer the king. Instead, making more money in any way possible became the goal. It did not matter how you made more money as long as you made more than others. Business ethics were forgotten and greed reached its highest. New ideas (except for electronics and computers, which was the Will of God) were not being created, and even if there was one, the inventor needed large companies to back him up in order to make it manifest, etc.

This reached a point where it was not the consumer which was important but how financial systems could be manipulated to increase one's income through speculation and maneuvering. The aim was to create the illusion of expansion and prosperity so as to overextend the impression of good times and a booming economy, when in reality the economy had reached its saturation point. Of course, all illusions will be shattered, and the result is suffering!

Indeed, in a pure democracy, our system could be easily implemented. However, the existing countries which claim they are democratic are not pure democracies. The pure democracy is explained in our booklet "The MAP." In this booklet, in its introduction, it is explained how a true democracy can be created. There are four conditions needed for a pure democratic system to exist (read the introduction to The MAP). If we create such an environment where the system is truly: From the people, by the people, and for the people, then we can guide it according to these teachings and implement each period with a transitional effect instead of violence and upheaval.

It is time to go to the wisdom of the Words of God, not only this one (the title of this article) but the whole wisdom of the Bible. It is time to stop rejecting God and His Prophets. Of course, the wisdom of God is not only in the Bible. As Prophet Muhammad said: Have not they seen what is the end of those who do not listen to God and His Prophets? History has shown that their end is not pleasant. The Words of God are not for Him. They are for humanity and they are good for them. In fact, His Laws are the Base of Creation.

It is not that I am anxious for humans to listen to me and/or if they do not listen it will hurt me. No, it is God's Mercy that has come to man and what is Revealed is good (God) for them. What is said and Revealed will happen no matter how humanity reacts to it. If they accept it, they will accelerate the coming of the peace and unity we need, which is only possible if we bring His Kingdom on earth. If they resist it, even if they crucify the Prophet, this will not stop the Fulfillment. It may delay it, but cannot stop it.

So do not blame the Messenger, but Listen to God!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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