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January/February 2011

This section contains short comments (snippets) by Maitreya on recent news items, as well as other thoughts, quotes, etc.


1. Humans are found to be present on American continent longer than scientists think they existed here (video embedded below): The people who found these facts have been shunned and their careers ruined because the established scientists refuse to accept their findings even though they have all the scientific evidence to prove their finds! A loud example of this is Virginia Steen-McIntyre. She was barred from the scientific community because she published her findings and suggested that the scientific community look at these facts in a deeper level!

More resources:

  1. Wikipedia
  2. For more information and research, search for "Hueyatlaco," the name of the site where these artifacts were found
  3. Embedded video (same as link in title above):

2. 'Harmony': Prince Charles Of Wales' New Environmental Film Is A Call For Action (video, also embedded below): Prince Charles has joined his voice to ours in the call to return back to nature! In fact, humans should eat: Local, organic, and fresh food. Not only will this help make them healthy, it also will have a great impact on the environment. This is what God intended humans to live on. What God intended has numerous benefits that scientists have not scratched the surface of. They follow what they find blindly, and they will fall into the ditch!

Embedded video (same as video link above):

3. For Invaders, A Well-Worn Path Out Of Afghanistan (Listen): Here is an article confirming what we wrote about how the Middle East is Quicksand. This article talks about Afghanistan. However, the more correct understanding is that: This is true for the whole Middle East. History has proven this over and over again!

4. Lost Civilization May Have Existed Beneath the Persian Gulf: Unus, our contact in Turkey, sent this article to us. This again challenges the theory that humans originated from Africa and spread throughout the earth. The idea that humans evolved in many different parts of the earth at the same time, not from Africa alone, has been Revealed by the Mission to humanity since the Mission's inception!

5. Ancient species 'bred with us' (article 1, article 2): More evidence that supports our assertion that the human species evolved in different parts of the earth, separate from one another, and independently, is explained in these. We presented this theory to humanity when everyone believed that all humans came from Africa. Now we have evidence that our theory is correct. This theory and our other truths have come from God. They are being proven to be correct as time passes. God Knows better than scientists and any human of what has happened in this universe and what is the Goal for creating it. Of course again this proves: God Exists and Is In Control.

Another finding that has shattered scientists' theories is the discovery of hobbits, as well as others which we have discussed in past articles. It is time scientists realize that God created many species of human in different parts of the earth. With intermixing between races and eventually creating the most successful ones, many of the latter survived.

Scientists should stop pretending they are gods, or know better than God what has happened, and should drop Africa as the place human evolution started. Then they might find the Truth!

6. Anger at God Common During Times of Crisis, Study Finds: In order for a person to strengthen his faith and find out why he blames God for his ills, he should accept his situation, tolerate it, examine it, learn what the lesson is, and see if it can be resolved by man (him). He should become a problem solver instead of whining and blaming everyone else, including God.

A Paravipra is a Warrior in life, not an escapist who blames others for his/her ills. Of course, problems, especially if they are collective problems, are usually resolved much easier in the Communities Of Light!

Bits of Truth

1. Sin: Anything that is not natural (not intended by nature).

2. Eating meat: If you eat kosher meat, keep your body as cool as possible by using cool water to wash your face, neck, hair, your arms from the elbow to the tips of the fingers, etc. Also, take quarter-baths and half-baths with cool water when appropriate. This will make one feel more like a vegetarian person!

3. Maya: Anything that takes your attention from God to the external world!

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