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It almost seems that everything in the world now is upside down and the current systems and all aspects of human life have gone away from the natural way of life and the Dharma of things. This is apparent wherever you go or whatever you do. Currently the world is set up in a way that constantly stimulates the lower self and distracts us from the Way and the Truth. All thanks to God, Maitreya (GIWH) has brought all the answers we need to get out of this chaos. Without His Teachings, Mission and Guidance this life would not have made any sense at all. All thanks to Him.

However, it looks like the world needs more time to realize that God and His Ways are the only salvation, and they should just listen to Him and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. So, in the meantime, following the Eternal Divine Path on your own while staying in the middle of this chaos and the world of confusion can be a little tricky. It is almost like a constant test of strength of spirit, but all thanks to God, He has revealed the Eternal Divine Path so that even if you fall into a trap you can understand why, learn its lesson, and continue. God is Perfect.

My personal struggle in knowing myself and following the Eternal Divine Path here in Turkey ended up in the creation of a company that is based on a business model that has helped me balance my life as much as possible in the current situation. This company is called Beyondmind and it currently teaches Pilates, yoga, and meditation in three different centers in Turkey. The goal of this company is to franchise centers in Turkey and all over the world and later become a training ground for the Paravipras as well.

This month I spent most of my time establishing the newest of these three Beyondmind centers in a city called Izmir. I am used to the process by now, but of course every city and situation has its differences, advantages, disadvantages and difficulties. So this has become another test for the business, its model and plan, and my ability and strength in letting God run it.

In the process this month a blog page and an account on YouTube was created for Beyondmind. On the blog I post information and news about Beyondmind, and on YouTube I share short clips from different kinds of workouts and yoga and Pilates sessions. The longer versions of these videos will eventually be sold through the Beyondmind website and in stores, but will be free on the Mission website.

All thanks to God for His Wisdom, Knowledge, and Guidance.


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