Reports from Light Bridges

New York


First, Noor started a Cause for the Eternal Divine Path The Mission of Maitreya on Facebook. I accepted his invitation and invited all my "friends" and two replied to those invitations and joined our Cause. All are most welcome to come join in this Cause. As in previous months, posted the Newsbrief for Nov-Dec to various social networks including Facebook (on my wall and the MOM wall too), Twitter, Google and Care2, highlighting Maitreya's article on The 12th Planet and the Snippets by Maitreya. Also posted an invitation to join us for our services in All Religions Unified in PalTalk. Spoke to Jeff Browne, the publisher of the Natural Awakenings magazine here in New Mexico, and with the help of Tahirah sent him the article on Karma that was printed in the Florida Natural Awakenings. He said that advertisers receive priority in submission of articles. Also posted to some of my family in NY City about checking the Natural Awakenings magazines in their area. This month posted a number of invitations to friends and family to join us in GoToMeeting for the MOM meeting. PalTalk IM's are still being sent to new guests who join us in listening to the teachings in the All Religions Unified room. Since the last Newsbrief, more than 100 IM's have gone out, and it would have been more if I had not been banned by PalkTalk for a week. I now know that it is considered improper conduct to send IM's with links to our website (or any links for that matter) to anyone who is not on your Pal List without explicit permission, and have adjusted the content of my IM's accordingly. Sal-Om everyone! Ananda Ma

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