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Sal-Om MOM and everyone,

These past two months have been filled with enjoyable things being done for the Mission. First and foremost I have really been enjoying sharing on social networks: Care2, Twitter, and Facebook. On Care2 the best thing has been being able to post from Maitreya's writings such as Essays, Supplements, Readings (The Koran) (all from THOTH), Satsangs, and articles Maitreya wrote in the Mission's Newsbriefs. They get posted as newly submitted news articles and lately I have been able to add nice eye-catching pictures for each submission.

Care2 allows you to keep track of the number of people (and their names) who read each work, as well as any comments made, and people can send a green star for something they think is outstanding. Maitreya's work has received six green stars to date. ATTG.

I thought it interesting to see that the most visited works were Subconcious Mind, An Essay On The Theory Of The Hierarchy Of Needs Of Maslow, The New Man, and O, Son Of Man, and many other articles maintain a close second in visits. There are also certain people whose names show up as having visited many of Maitreya's it seems they are ones who enjoy reading various aspects of the teachings. I really like sharing this way and often put these articles on Twitter and Facebook as well. All Thanks to God for working through me to share the teachings.

Anyone who wants a URL or the list of them to visit these articles themselves, just email me ( and I will be glad to provide that information. This also provides an opportunity for you to comment on the articles as well, and make no mistake, the comments do get read. It would be awesome to have each of Maitreya's articles to have lots of positive comments and information for the future readers who will visit them!

On other notes, I have sent the Letter to Humanity to all the county departments and chairpeople of Haywood County in North Carolina. I have spoken with my Pilates teacher about some of the teachings of the Mission. We may even spend time together on the Passover focused on God.

I also met a lady while shopping and we ended up in an extended discussion about spirituality, spiritual symbols, and the Mission. I gave her the Mission website so she could look it up. My friend Wanda has also asked me to further explain some aspects of the Mission's teachings, such as the Christ having come at least seven times to humanity.

These days, though I still stumble and fall at times, I realize that the Greatest Joy comes to me when I am serving God and this incredible Mission. Thanks God for allowing me to be a part of this...and not only me but everyone :)!



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All Thanks To God (ATTG).