Four Years Since the
Letter to Humanity

As of March 2, 2011, the Letter to Humanity (God Is Calling You) has been released to humanity and their leaders for four years. As we have done previously (2009, 2010), we can now again look back on the past year and see if humanity's decision to continue to ignore God's Prophet and His Warning is serving them well or not.

Of course, the answer to this is clear, as it has been another year filled with environmental, political, economic, and other disasters and problems. In fact, it was bad enough this year that many people have noticed and written about it:

  • A Disastrous Year: 2010 Death Toll Already Abnormally High: Written just 3 months into 2010, states that: "In comparison to previous years, the number of casualties from natural disasters in 2010, which is already well above 200,000, is outside the norm ... Over the decade from 2000 to the end of 2009, the yearly average was 78,000, according to the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR). For the 1990s, the average was 43,000, and the 1980s was 75,000."

  • The balance of natural disasters in 2010: 295,000 deaths and damages of $130 billion: "[Disasters in 2010] have caused four times more victims than the average number of disasters from 1980 until now, respectively 295,000 deaths compared to 66,000 on average and were more expensive (damage worth $130 billion compared to an average of $95 billion)."

  • Disasters In 2010: Nine-Tenths Were Severe Weather-Related Events Linked To Climate Change: "Munich Re, which is the worlds top re-insurer, accounted for a total of 950 natural disasters last year. It makes 2010 the second worst year on record since 1980. The average number of disasters over the past 10 years was 785. According to Munich Re, the average number of natural catastrophes over the past 30 years was 615, with an average fatalities number standing at 66,000."

  • Mother Nature's Fury: The Disasters of 2010: "If it seemed the earth was shaking more dramatically than usual, it was: 20 quakes this year have been measured at a magnitude of 7.0 or higher. That's the highest figure in four decades. ... The U.S. has been spared the worst, as is usually the case. But even here 2010 brought extremes. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has declared 79 major disasters this year; the annual average is 34. 'It just seemed like it was back-to-back and it came in waves,' FEMA chief Craig Fugate told the AP. 'The term '100-year event' really lost its meaning this year.'"

With these, it seems humanity may be waking up more to what is happening around them. However, most people still seem to see these as flukes or exceptions, without any long-term meaning. The truth is, when we view this evidence based on an understanding of the prophecies, Maitreya's teachings, and that we are approaching the end times, it can only be seen as a powerful warning and a trend that will continue to worsen as long as humanity resists God and His Ways.

For further evidence that the tribulation is coming, here is an incomplete list of some of the largest disasters and problems of the past 12 months (click the links to learn more about each one):

  1. Earthquake in Haiti (over a year ago, but still very relevant)

  2. Eruption of Eyjafjallajkull volcano in Iceland

  3. BP oil spill

  4. Severe heat waves across the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Russia (more on the effect in Russia)

  5. Devastating wildfires in Russia (occurred as a result of the above heat waves)

  6. Extensive flooding in Pakistan

  7. An earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic eruption all within 24 hours of each other in Indonesia

  8. Large floods in Queensland, Australia

  9. Australia hit by Cyclone Yasi, category 5 hurricane

  10. Christchurch, New Zealand hit by powerful earthquake (see Snippet)

  11. Upheavals and revolutions in countries across the Middle East and North Africa, including Tunisia, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Libya, etc. (more)

  12. Many more... (Google "2010 disasters" and "2011 disasters")

In addition to the disasters that have occurred, we can also see that many things are happening that could easily lead to much greater disasters down the road. From the political upheavals and shifts in Asia and the Middle East, to the warnings of future food shortages and crises, to the allegations that governments are using dishonest accounting practices to hide their impending financial ruin, to the precarious state of our current food system and how easily it could topple, there should be no doubt that the world is moving closer to destruction. Indeed, The Handwriting Is On The Wall!

Therefore, it is time again to read the signs and reaffirm our commitment to this Mission and God's Word. As always, we spread the teachings in the hope that humanity will realize they are the Truth and avert the destruction coming to them, but we also prepare ourselves for the tribulation that has been prophesied. Those who come together, sacrifice individual desires for the good of the group, and create communities based on God's Laws will be in a much more stable position than those who hold on to their egos and try to survive alone.

These signs should also drive home the importance of keeping the upcoming Feast of Passover (and all of God's Feasts and Holy Days). If you do not keep God's Passover, what reason does He have to Pass Over you and protect you from the disasters of the coming year?

Within all this, our trust remains in God. So let us do God's Will, follow the teachings of His Prophet, and watch to see what events this next year will bring. If once again humanity refuses to listen to The Call, and the disasters continue to intensify and worsen, we will be disappointed, but: We will not be surprised.

Note: Less than 12 hours after this Newsbrief was sent out, a massive magnitude 8.9-9.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan. It is the most powerful earthquake Japan has ever experienced, and the 7th most powerful in recorded history. It unleashed a tsunami of enormous strength onto Japan which reached up to 6 miles inland (before-and-after pictures of devastated areas, and an incredible video of the tsunami in action); it also sent tsunamis across the ocean to cause damage as far away as Santa Cruz, California, USA. The tsunami that hit Japan has led to explosions and fears of a possible meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant (it has already experienced a partial meltdown), with other nuclear plants also reported to be experiencing problems. The death toll is expected to rise beyond 10,000, with untold thousands (probably millions) of others injured, displaced, evacuated, and otherwise affected.

Japan is known to have one of the most sophisticated earthquake and tsunami warning and prevention systems in the world. Despite this, they have been devastated by this disaster. Considering this, and considering the timing of the quake (right at the yearly anniversary of the Letter to Humanity, and just after this article was released to humanity), how can this not be seen as another warning from God? It seems He is saying, LISTEN, and know that all your man-made protection can be toppled with one flick of My Finger!

The only true protection from the tribulation to come is joining this Mission, accepting God's Prophet, and following God's Ways!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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