Donating Info and
Paypal Problems

We have two small announcements about donating to the Mission which we would like to share:

1. We have made available several different methods to send donations or tithes to the Mission (a physical check, our donations page, our ecommerce site, through our Crowdrise page or our Facebook Cause, etc.). However, we have discovered that some of these methods take a larger cut of donations/tithes (administrative fees for allowing us to use their services) than others. For example, when we donated a test amount of $10 through the Facebook Cause, fully 15% of the donation ($1.50) was lost to processing fees, and the Mission only received $8.50 of the original $10 donation. A similar situation occurred when donating through Crowdrise.

Therefore, as you are (we hope!) sending donations/tithes with the intention of your money reaching the Mission, we would encourage everyone to donate through a physical check, our donations page (Paypal), or our ecommerce site (Paypal or WorldPay). These methods have the lowest administrative fees, and so the greatest amount of the money will actually make it to the Mission. The other methods will remain available for greater outreach and flexibility, but using these methods is what is best for the Mission.

2. We were recently made aware that the one-time donation option on our donations page was not working. It turns out that Paypal had changed something on their side, and in doing so unintentionally broke our button. It is now fixed and working correctly again. We do not know how long it was broken, but if at some point you tried to make a donation and were unable to, please try again and see if it is now working. If you are still unable to make a donation, please let us know so we can troubleshoot it.

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).