Reports from Light Bridges

US, Colorado

Sal-Om all,

THOTH was submitted and accepted at a website called Website purpose: "This web site is for spiritual seekers who are always on the lookout for a good spiritual book / spiritual quote / spiritual movie / spiritual essay / spiritual website, to inspire and leave them changed with a deeper understanding of who they are and what this life is all about. "

So: - If you go to the tab "Spiritual Books" and search for "The Holiest Of The Holies" it brings up a listing of THOTH, which then connects to THOTH on

At the risk of social networking overload...I revisited a website called After joining years ago and losing track of it, the Mission intro video (Youtube, Vimeo, FTP site) was uploaded and comments about the Teachings made in response to other people's posts. The latest comment and post was to someone talking about Jihad. Mission links and commentary were provided. It is a community based organization of blogs, writings and ideas. It is a little more in-depth than Facebook, Twitter, etc. and there is the opportunity to share Mission Teachings.

A Best Answer was given in Yahoo Answers this week. It was inspiring because the question was being asked by a Fifth Grade student about "When did Christmas begin?" It is our young people who will ask the questions and not accept the status quo! Thanks God!

Brainstormed the possibility of a new Reminder video; however, it was put on hold until weather improves for a possible outdoor shoot sometime in the future.



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