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Sal-Om MOM and everyone,

These last two months I have met a few people in my daily activities where the flow of conversation turned to talking about the Mission. Sometimes it is brought up because they are curious about why I plan to move out (or back out) to New Mexico. Also, one of my friends came to my home and participated in the live meditation class (one of the activities broadcast in the Mission's Paltalk room). She was amazed at how good and relaxed she felt afterwards and we talked about my connection with the Mission as well. I made it clear to her that the Mission is for everyone.

Also I have spent a good deal of time in social networking. I joined a new place called Spiritual Networks (Andrew Dwight Harris had recommended it) and have posted about the Mission there. It may not be for everyone but I like it and with the many friend requests it exposes many to being able to read about the Mission at my profile and on the blog.

I continue to post on Facebook and Care2...there are about 10 new articles of Maitreya's writings on Care2 posted over the past two months.

I am wondering if any of you all that are members of Care2 (or anyone can join at would like to go to these articles and post comments on them, and/or you can send a green star for the article indicating that you really like it. This would be great for newcomers to see. Therefore, I am going to post the names of several of the articles (this month and maybe more next time) so you can do so:

A Time to Heal... Article By Maitreya in January/February 2011 Newsbrief

Karma, By Maitreya, in the Scripture The Holiest of the Holies, The Last Testament

An Essay By Maitreya on The Subconscious Mind From The Holiest of the Holies

Crystals, An Essay By Maitreya From The Holiest of the Holies

Why Do We Need To Eat Kosher Foods? By Maitreya, in the Scripture The Holiest of the Holies

A Supplement on the Relationship Between the Spinal Cord, Medical Logo and (Caduceus) and the Story of King Arthur

An Essay on the Theory of the Hierarchy of Needs of Maslow

In order to access the articles (other than clicking the links above, or to access more of the posted articles besides these) simply use the search window on Care2 titled "Care2 search" and type in the name of the article you wish to see (or keywords relating to it such as "Maitreya" or "The Holiest Of The Holies") and it should come up for you. You can send friends to read them too.

ATTG for the time Tahirah (social networking project manager) spent helping me to become more efficient in social networking so that I learned how to do this :).

That is all I have for now. Still counting down the months for my move back to the Mission!

Sal-Om all and as always ATTG for what gets done,


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