Reports from Light Seekers

Maverick in Texas, US

Sal-Om everyone,

Hope everyone had a Good (God) month in February with many blessings from God with His Grace and Mercy. Each day given is a day to progress closer to the goal of divinity and reach out to humanity to help in their progress and expansion of consciousness.

With the turmoil in the Middle East and chaos worldwide, one can only know and see where this is heading. Humanity is blinded by teachings of false prophets who think that this is all leading up to a glorious time that will start in 12/21/2012 when all will step into a higher realm of consciousness and it will be the most harmonious time ever on earth; not knowing the destruction that is coming.

All thanks to God to know the truth that has been given to us by the Savior, Maitreya (the Source), to accept it and know it is truth and the light back home.

As we start a new year/spring, I am thankful to God to be going into my second year with the Mission and this great Revelation.

I sent the Letter to Humanity to the following Churches in Central Texas:

  1. New Hope Christian
  2. Grace Episcopal
  3. First Presbyterian
  4. North Hills Community
  5. Shenandoah Baptist
  6. Special Church
  7. Georgetown Church Nazarene
  8. Generations Church
  9. St. Helen Catholic
  10. First Baptist Church
  1. Church of the Hills
  2. Pursuit Church
  3. Christ Episcopal
  4. Discovery United Methodist
  5. New Hope Baptist
  6. Main Street Baptist
  7. Good Shepherd Lutheran
  8. Central Baptist
  9. Church of the Savior
  10. Crestview Baptist

I also posted many Satsangs and teachings from Maitreya on Facebook.

The Cause on Facebook that Noor created, Support the unification of all religions and the world, at last count has 192 members (all thanks to God). This is a great tool to make people aware of Unity, Maitreya and the Mission. God, through my submission and being surrendered to His Will, has been posting the bulletin daily on Facebook to keep everyone's attention on this.

I hope everyone has a great new year, and beginning of spring this month.

One World One Humanity One Savior One God


Maverick J. Viator
Disciple of Maitreya-The Messiah

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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