An Example of How To Answer
Questions About the Mission

By Noor

Answer by Hosanna (Dan Still), contact for Missouri, USA and

We often receive questions about the Mission via email, and forward them to various Mission members to be answered. In this case, the question was forwarded to Hosanna, our contact for Missouri (and also England), and the answer he gave (God through him) was so excellent that we felt it would be helpful to share as an example of how to answer questions about the Mission.

Here is the question that was asked:


Let me know if Buddha Maitreya will be the last Buddha or just the another one. And if he is the same avatar of the Hinduists (Vishnu) or the Jainists (Mahavira).

I am awaiting your reply and since now I thank your attention.

And the answer:


We who follow the Eternal Divine Path have recognized Maitreya (GIWH) as the Prophet of God who was prophesied to come at the end times. We did not take anyones word for this but individually realized this through the Grace of God. So, it is now up to you to prove this same thing. To do so requires an open heart, mind and eye.

As for your questions:

Vishnu is the Creator/God. So it will be up to you to determine if a Prophet of God is the same as God incarnate.

Mahavira, dispenser of the eight cardinal principles of the Jain religious order. If you study the teachings revealed by Maitreya (GIWH), you will see that a renunciate within the Eternal Divine Path follows these same principles, and as for the lay people, they do the best they can and assist all along the Path. However, there are other aspects which are also followed. It is best to study the Fifteen Commandments and the Thirty-Three Virtues.

As Buddha prophesied that the Maitreya Buddha would come in 5,000 years or half that if the Dharma has been lost, one only needs to look and see what is taking place around the world to know the time has come. One of the unique aspects is that at no other time in recorded history has one person fulfilled the prophecies of all the religions of the coming of the Son of God. It is unfortunate that we as humanity always seem to put conditions on the coming One. That it must happen a certain way, come from a certain place, look this way or that and perform this thing or fulfill a certain task. Who are we to tell Vishnu/God what must be done or take place?

This is the last Revelation humanity will receive. The time has come for humanity to return to God. The highest Revelation has been revealed and there are no prophecies of future incarnations that will dispense a new teaching. So it is up to each of us to search for the truth. You have found us, so the next step is yours, study and return to Vishnu/God.


What specifically impressed Maitreya about the answer was the honesty, simplicity, knowing the Scriptures and events and having accurate facts, and the detachment presented that revealed Hosanna's true realization that the Mission is the Truth. It was from the Heart and had information which was researched and well-presented. All these put together made it a very good answer and gave a good impression of the Mission (all thanks to God).

Therefore, we would encourage all to consider these points and try to incorporate them into their own answers when someone asks them about the Mission. Remember that it is not your responsibility to convince anyone, only to give them the Good News that Maitreya (Christ) is on earth, answer their questions to the best of your ability, and provide them with the resources to study further if they so desire (the website, literature, contacts, etc.). The rest is between them and God!

If you are a disciple of Maitreya (have made a Covenant) and feel you would be skilled at answering questions about the Mission, contact us to be considered as one of those we send questions to be answered. In your email, please tell us what part(s) of the Mission you know best and would be most comfortable answering people about.

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