Islam, Rasul and Nabi

By Unus

In reading the Scriptures recently it became even more obvious that people are not reading them with a focused clear mind. Of course this is a result of not knowing the whole Truth and Plan of God. Islam is no exception. However, all it should take for someone to realize its Message should be to read it while keeping in mind The Greatest Sign and Eternal Divine Path along with the historical events.

In reading the Koran in the order that the verses were revealed, it should be obvious that God is giving the Message of Surrendering and Submission to God (Formless, Invisible, Nameless, Eternal) over and over. God warns and corrects even Prophet Muhammad in some verses on Surrendering and Submitting to God. Also, another point is that God warns about a Judgment Day over and over. So when God wants something to be understood, He makes sure it is given as clearly as possible, and over and over.

On the other hand, in the Koran there is only one verse that many interpret as saying that Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet, and so close themselves to the Truths revealed after Islam. And interestingly, God in that one verse says "...Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger (Rasul) of God and the last/seal (khatem/khatam) of the Prophets (Nabi)." God does not say Prophet Muhammad is the last/seal of both the "Rasul" and "Nabi," but only of the "Nabi." Again interestingly, it is widely accepted that "Nabi" are the prophets either with books or no books, and "Rasul" are the Prophets with books. So in this verse God might have meant to say that Prophet Muhammad can be the last Prophet without a book (Nabi) but not the last of the Messengers who will reveal more books to humanity!

So this verse can be interpreted as saying that any Prophets after Prophet Muhammad will come with a book. There will be no Nabi (prophets without a book). However, there will be Rasul (Prophets with a book). Indeed, the three Prophets in the Eternal Divine Path after Prophet Muhammad, Bab, Baba, and Maitreya, each came with a Book!

Truly, though, the real question is: If this detail was important, why would God mention it only in one verse, and in a way that, if not understood correctly, can easily be misinterpreted? ATTG, the answer now is obvious with everything Maitreya has revealed to us: God has a Plan. And it is those who resist to understand it that separate themselves from Him and bring confusion and suffering onto themselves.

Everything is God, but not everything is in Pure Consciousness!

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