Babylon The Great Has Fallen

Although what is explained about Babylon The Great in our Scripture The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH) in the book Revelation of The Revelation is correct, there is also a symbolic representation of these truths on earth (as above, so below). What is below is a symbol for what is above. What is in higher levels (above) is what is the most important; the symbol below is to make us aware of the importance of the higher levels in Spirit.

There have been many speculations as to what the Bible means by Babylon The Great (BTG) on earth, and where it is on earth. Many countries have been accused of being BTG (the whore of Babylon). Some people even have gone to the extent of calling the Statue of Liberty the whore and New York that city. Their reasoning is that the Statue of Liberty is sitting on the water, as it is prophesied in the Bible that this is where BTG will be (over many waters), and NY is the most business-oriented and Mayaistic city.

Some even say the prophecy of BTG was fulfilled with the destruction of the Twin Towers, as they symbolized the ultimate power of the business world and the Maya it has brought to humanity. However, the Twin Towers was not a city (or country), and NY itself (which is a city) was not destroyed in one hour and was no more, as was predicted in the Bible is supposed to happen to BTG! So, all these assumptions are not correct.

We can reach the same conclusions with other places that people have thought to be BTG. We have to find the one which meets all the criteria of what the Bible explains this place will be:

  1. It is rich and all the world marvels at how rich this place has become.
  2. All merchants and businesspeople envy it and want to be like it.
  3. It has become a whore. A whore is one who sells her body for material gain. There is no higher ideal in her relationships with others, such as creating family, bringing God's way to the world, marrying for Love of God, etc. A whore is not born a whore. She starts as an innocent little girl and falls later to that status!
  4. This place will be located on the top of many waters (Revelation 17:1).
  5. It will be destroyed within an hour (Revelation 18:10, 17, 19).
  6. All merchants and businesspeople will mourn after it is destroyed.
  7. It will be no more (Revelation 18:21)!

We believe Japan fits all these expectations:

It is rich and all the world marvels at how rich this place has become:

After WWII, Japan became hugely rich. It became a symbol of progress and industrialization. It became so industrialized and efficient that many older industrialized nations started fearing that it might overtake them. Indeed it did affect many of these older industrial nations and how they conducted their business and made their merchandise, etc.

All merchants and businesspeople envy it and want to be like it:

Many other countries, especially ones in Asia, tried to imitate Japan. The Far East, including China, left their older ideologies and chose the free market economy to benefit as they saw Japan did. Also many other nations, in other parts of the world, tried to follow in Japan's footsteps. Even older industrial nations in the West learned many things from them. That is why all merchants and nations envy it, tried to imitate it, etc.

It has become a whore. A whore is one who sells her body for material gain. There is no higher ideal in her relationships with others, such as creating family, bringing God's way to the world, marrying for Love of God, etc. A whore is not born a whore. She starts as an innocent little girl and falls later to that status:

Japan almost had our teachings. They lived with higher ideals, such as the family, honor, higher thoughts, strength physically (exercise to become strong physically), mentally (meditation and training of the mind), and spiritually (to become helpful to others, sacrifice for the good of the community, nation, Emperor, etc.), and so on. In fact, as I just mentioned, they almost had our teachings, but not quite.

They tried to awaken their spiritual forces. They tried to create great and humble people and communities. They sacrificed for their people. They were surrendered and submissive to their Emperor (which they considered to be God). They had Samurais that had a similar goal as Paravipras. However, they were not Universalist. You can say there were two elements that were missing in their philosophy: Universalism, and also I am sure their Emperor was not completely connected to God! Although they had the right idea that the head of the state should be connected to God, theirs was not completely connected. If the head is not completely connected, it will not function perfectly. As the Bible says: If the head is sick (not completely connected to God/Spirit) so will be the body!

They fell from this high ideal to become one of the most successful business-oriented nations in history. They "went to bed" with anyone who would help them to achieve this state of prosperity. They gained the world but lost their soul, and that is not a good bargain.

This place will be located on the top of many waters:

This is easy to see as Japan consists of many islands (four main larger islands and more than 4000 smaller islands) and so is located on many waters. It is also located on many faults which are responsible for the huge earthquakes Japan is known for. Indeed the very reason it was destroyed was the earthquake of magnitude 9.1 ("...mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all." - Revelation 18:21).

It will be destroyed within an hour:

The tsunami that hit Japan reached it one hour after the earthquake occurred. It was the tsunami that caused so much destruction and damaged the nuclear plants. So within an hour (Revelation 18:10, 17, 19), Japan, the apple of the eye of the business world, was brought to its knees. That is where the wisdom lies. Those who think they can put God out and rely on their own strength and powers will have the same fate: Their powers will not help them when God puts His Face against them!

All merchants and businesspeople will mourn after it is destroyed:

Many businesses have been affected with what has happened to Japan. The production of the cars they make has been interrupted. The people who buy parts from them are in trouble. The export of food has been stopped, as many are afraid that the food has been contaminated with radiation. Also there have been many other negative effects. So many merchants will mourn its demise.

It will be no more:

The amount of radiation leaked and the extent of the damage to the atomic plants is not known. Japans government stated that they had the situation under control (at least in the beginning). Then it became more serious and many now believe that the government is not telling people the truth. Some believe that the amount of radiation and damage is ten times more than anyone thought it was. How bad is it? It is anyone's guess. As the Russian government tried to downplay the seriousness of the Chernobyl accident, it seems Japan is doing the same thing. Governments try to downplay such disasters as they are afraid to reveal the real truth. They do not want to look bad, or create panic.

Will radiation cover the whole of Japan (be completely unlivable for more than 10,000 years, "Standing afar off for the fear of her torment..." - Revelation 18:10)? Will it be no more? One thing for sure: It will be "no more" what it used to be.

With this Revelation, we now know what God meant by BTG on earth. A nation left Him for the world (became a whore). They thought they were successful, and with their success they were drunken. They, however, were destroyed within an hour. Will humans see this as another sign of His Majesty and Power, or will they be(come) wroth, angry, and unhappy about this Revelation that they do not want to hear? It really does not matter if they do hear God or His Revelation. What He has Revealed is the Truth and will happen!

I am a plain messenger. I am not that Indian guru (or any other false prophet) who shows great signs and wonders (Matthew 24:24) such as pretending to spew a golden ball out of his mouth and making many believe he has created the ball (a miracle), and so deceives, misleads, and pleases many who are looking for miracles instead of the Truth. The Prophet of God is not here to deceive/mislead/please. He says the Truth and confirms the Scriptures.

Only those who want to follow the false prophets and teachers seek those kinds of miracles. What I say will come true, which is what God has said will happen. Whether people believe it or not, whether they like it or not, whether or not they do to me what they did to other prophets, what is coming will come and will happen. Indeed the ax has already been put into the root for those whose names are not in the Book of Life. The old has to go, as the New is coming fast!

The tribulation is here and will intensify. However, if you are one of the Chosen (Elects), you should not be sad, afraid, and/or disturbed. You should rejoice, as the Kingdom neareth!

The Seven Seals are opened; the Last Revelation of God has come. Even BTG has fallen. What will be next?

You can read what will happen after BTG falls in chapter 19 and on in Revelation of The Revelation in THOTH. By the time BTG falls, the 144,000 elects have been chosen, and the events on earth will accelerate. The time of sundering will be quickened and the coming of the Kingdom is assured. Again, as I have said many times: The future belongs to God alone. It depends upon human progress and acceptance of His Plan, how they will respond to the Call, etc. However, we can see that God has already done His Part and has Fulfilled all the predictions He has made for this end time.

We now need the 144,000 to step forward and become a part of the implementation of the Plan. All the problems humans are facing, the cure for them has been given through the Mission teachings:

First: It is Revealed that all the Religions on earth have been sent by One God (how many can there be!).

Second: No one system on earth is perfect but each of them is necessary to create the Cyclical Movements to further human progress.

Third: Only a system where the Head is connected to God, and Paravipras (those who are efficient, smart, effective, incorruptible, etc.) are the true leaders, can bring the Kingdom Of God on earth. Such a system is the most democratic system, based on natural Laws.

Fourth: We will create an environment where the human will live as naturally (according to God's Ways and Plan) as possible. This includes: Organic, fresh, and local food produced by technologies that have no side effects (science based on Spirit), etc.

Fifth: To cut the pollution and our dependence on energy sources that pollute, we should immediately change to renewable (natural) energy sources and invest in furthering our knowledge about them to, eventually, eliminate any pollution on earth (or at least bring it to a minimum).

Sixth: To access unlimited resources, and solve the pollution explosion from our factories and polluting raw materials, we have to reach to space and use the unlimited resources available to us there. Uninhabited planets can be used to manufacture what we need. With this we will export pollution to these uninhabited planets. We should only bring resources/products back to earth that help us but will not create pollution. God gathered polluting materials inside the earth so He could create a livable environment on earth for the human to live in. Now we are taking these polluting materials out and releasing their toxins back into the atmosphere (read the addendum at the end of this article: Apparently They Cannot Control Them). If we continue this unsafe practice, we will destroy ourselves. Japan, and many others (other reactor accidents, oil spills, etc.), are loud examples of this! It was destroyed in an hour! It can happen to anyone, again!

Seventh: We should create an earth where all people and beings are safe and their physiological and safety needs are provided for. This can be done if everyone realizes that all powers and resources on earth belong to them (the people). It is not the government and business companies that should have power over them. Indeed, governments are the peoples servants and are there to provide them with opportunities to progress in all levels. Businesses should realize that their expansion has a limit, should accept this truth, and when the time comes, they should let go of their powers and empower the masses for continuation of progressive, cyclical movements. It is only then that we can use all great minds and resources for the wellbeing of everyone.

By returning power to the masses we will eliminate dictators and those who enslave humans. By reaching to space we will have unlimited resources for everyone. By using unlimited, un-polluting resources, we will return the earth to its pristine state, as it was before the industrial revolution, etc.

With all these we will accelerate human progress physiologically, mentally and Spiritually. Life will be a Joy of journey toward the Goal (God). We have to utilize all these for this end (to return Home). It has been proven all throughout the last 6,000 years of history that: When humans progress materially, they neglect their mental and spiritual progress. This should not happen in the Kingdom. We should learn this lesson and not waste our time and energy to have only fun, become dull-minded, and fall. A great balance ("sweet spot") is needed to achieve our Goal.

It is with this setup that in a thousand years many will reach Pure Consciousness (Salvation) and go to the True New Jerusalem in Heaven (God).

So stand up and start the process of creating this utopian and ideal world. We have the answers to all human problems, division and struggle. We do not need to take up the sword and/or become radical. What we say is the Truth and it will, eventually, be proven that it is the only way (God's Way). Only this will bring Peace and Salvation to man.

Humans might resist us, they may stay with what they know and were brought up to believe in, but these are the Truths of the universe and the Salvation of man. No religion has the whole Truth. None of the present systems are the ultimate which could solve all human problems. The more we respect one another and realize that we are all from One (Same) God, the more we create a Peaceful, Loving environment. By following nature we will return earth to its pristine state, etc. etc. The stronger earth will be, the greater we will progress in an amazing and accelerated pace.

At the present time, however, we have another urgent obstacle to overcome. It is: To escape the tribulation and destruction which is coming fast. It is best to go to the places that God has designated to be safe. For example: The harmful radiation from Japans nuclear accident will spread all over the earth, as did the radiation from Chernobyl. However, this radiation will not affect New Mexico (NM) much, as NM is way below the earths jet stream (wind patterns). In fact that stream misses NM more often than it passes over it. The hurricanes, tsunamis, major tornados and earthquakes, etc. also do not touch this area. Indeed, as God has Revealed to Native Americans, especially Hopis, this is one of the Safest places on earth.

The 144,000 have already been chosen. It is not up to anyone to choose them. You Know them by their Fruit. We can manifest the Mission over the Internet, or in close proximity with one another. One more step (destruction of BTG), in Fulfillment of His Plan, has taken place. The symbolic BTG has fallen. Earth is in a bad shape. Revolutions, wars, destruction, and change are coming to earth. The way out is the Mission and is this Revelation. You can resist it, but you cannot escape it.

So, this, AGAIN, is The Call to all those who can see these things clearly. This is the Call to those who can help in any ways they can. This is the Call to the Elects to come and be counted. The time is short and the task is great. Let us make humanity understand that God is here to help them.

Teach them to use their freedom of choice and Choose God, His Revelation and His Prophet. Choose the Salvation!

Apparently They Cannot
Control Them

Native Americans, especially the Hopis, were warned not to extract what is under their land. Now we know that what is under their land is uranium, the fuel to create energy in atomic reactors (plants). First we had the Three Mile Island accident, then Chernobyl, and now Japan. Apparently humans cannot control these tremendous forces which God has, in His Infinite Wisdom, brought under His Control and hid underground so earth can be a place for life to flourish. Now the humans, in their utter disregard for Gods Wisdom, are trying to release these polluting materials back into earths atmosphere. They are finding that they cannot control these materials and the powers that come with them. If they insist in their foolishness, they will destroy themselves, as more destructive byproducts of these harmful elements will be released over the earth.

Native Americans were also told they would eventually realize why they should not extract what is under their land. Now we know the reason: These elements were gathered together and put under the earth so life could manifest on earth. Humans have to leave these things (including oil, coal and other polluting materials) alone and use the natural ways to find the energy they need.

The ways of nature have already been given to humans, and they have been using them for thousands of years. People were self-sufficient for thousands of years until the industrial revolution changed everything. We are not saying that we have to go back to the ways of the human before the industrial revolution. We have to use our recently acquired knowledge (technology) to use these resources in a more efficient and more abundant way. In my article "There Is Enough Energy for Everyone" in the July 2010 Newsbrief, it is explained that one way that seems to be the easiest, at this time, is the use of the top of all houses to generate solar energy for individual houses, for communities, and eventually for the whole earth. This seems to be easy and a good start.

Of course, wind, water, garbage, compost, etc. are all natural ways to explore and find ways to use them to create energy and heat. However, humans should stop going against nature. Nature is the hardest thing to control. It (nature) will eventually break those who go against it. He will always WIN! It is better to be in harmony with nature than try to control it and go against it!

We again call on humans to heed our Call. We call them to come to their senses and realize that there is a Creator and His Wisdom should be followed.

Going against nature is going against God. You surely will Fail/Lose!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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