Snippets by Maitreya

May/June 2011

This section contains short comments (snippets) by Maitreya on recent news items, as well as other thoughts, quotes, etc.


1. Osama bin Laden killed in U.S. operation in Pakistan, White House says: Humans have a hard time learning their lessons. They think that by killing Osama bin Laden, all the problems are solved and peace will come. Osama (even all terrorists) is not the problem. Only solving the causes will bring peace and unity to humanity. Only then will the violence and destruction stop. Again the Mission has the solution to all the fundamental problems and causes of the violence, wars, disunity, etc. on earth (in the universe for that matter).

2. Eating Local Food: The Movement, Locavores and More: It seems whatever we start, the action, the word, or our thoughts catch on to humanity and they start thinking about the same things. It is a way for God to initiate a trend, project, realization, etc. I have noticed this since the Mission started. It makes sense, as the human consciousness has to be(come) in Tune with God's. After we started talking about eating local, organic and fresh, this idea seems to be catching on and many have started thinking about eating local. However, they should go further and add organic and fresh. The better way is to buy organic, local and fresh produce daily! The best way is if communities grow their own organic and fresh produce!

3. Aftershocks Jolt Japan One Month After Initial Quake: Although Japan has been devastated and it happened in an hour, the aftershocks and other disasters will continue until God's Plan is fulfilled! Also watch this video.

4. Japan Raises Radiation Disaster Alert to Highest Level, Matching Chernobyl: Japans atomic radiation might (will) contaminate Japan and beyond!

5. Obamas Dilemma Over Saudi Arabia: As we predicted in the article "The Handwriting Is on the Wall" in our last Newsbrief, there will be a rift between the West and Arab countries and/or the Middle East. Here it has already started. The Gulf States are pulling back from the US. They are actually being pushed to look for other benefactors as they are scared to death of what happened to Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. They expected the US to support Mubarak to the end, and now they are not sure if they are safe and if they can count on the US anymore. At this time they are rallying around Saudi Arabia. However, this will not last. They are not interested in their people and being fair but in what will happen to them (also read 1, 2)!

6. Employing the World's Most Innovative Ideas to Create a World that Works: Maybe we should contact these people and tell them the world will work FINE if they join the Mission!

7. BRICS: A group consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS). This seems to be the group that will replace the present world order. They will become the most powerful group on earth soon. The country that will benefit most, in this group, will be China. All indications are that our article "The Handwriting Is on the Wall" in our last Newsbrief that predicted the rise of China is being fulfilled right in front of our eyes. People are falling all over each other to join this group. Here is an article about how Iran already wants to join them!

8. New Discovery Could Change How Solar Power is Captured: As usual, whatever we concentrate on becomes popular, and technology for that topic progresses. We proposed to use solar power to generate energy and it seems the technology on this subject already is progressing in a much faster way. Maybe using solar energy will be even easier than we envisioned!

9. The Toxic Gene Spill: What You Should Know About GMO Pollution: What are GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms, especially GM foods) and who is Monsanto? If we do not wake up, Genetically Modified Organisms will continue to be introduced into our food chain without us knowing it. There goes the motto: A government for the people, by the people Do not lose the ability to tell your government that they work for you, and do not let your government take the rights of others to tell their governments the same thing. These are the unalienable rights of all humans. If we let our governments take the rights of others from them, they (our governments) will eventually do the same to us!

For more information on the problems with our current food system, see the article about it in this Newsbrief.

10. Judgment Day! May 21, 2011: There is a movement that the end of the world will be on May 21, 2011. With our article in this Newsbrief, some might see that they have a point! However, the end of the world, at this point of history, does not mean that the universe will end, as many believe. They believe that in that day the faithful (mostly Christians) will be taken to heaven, and the rest will stay behind and then will go to hell, etc. The true meaning of the end time is different according to God and His Scriptures: It means the old era will be finished and a new era will dawn. We agree that it is the end time as the Seven Seals are opened, Babylon The Great has fallen, etc. However, we have to see it according to the way God has Revealed and meant it to be, not what the preachers, mullahs, rabbis, etc. want us to believe.

As it has been explained in the Bible and Revealed in THOTH (our Scripture), after all this happens there will be a period of intense Tribulation (until 2017-19). After this, humans will reach a point that they will, eventually, see that there is no other way but Gods Way, according to His Revelations and Prophets. After some time (probably two more reincarnations), the Kingdom will come on earth. After that there will be 1,000 years of Truth. It is after these 1,000 years that many will reach Pure Consciousness. However, the universe still might continue until many others (hopefully all) reach this Goal.


1. When people put God's (Universal) interest above self-interest, community interests, and national and world interests, then the Kingdom will come!

2. It is not that all should be equal. It is to live the way nature intended!

3. I received the email below from someone in the Mission:

Sal-Om Maitreya-Ji,

I listened to this video about a 14 year old girl who was used by a pimp in Atlanta...then I followed other YouTube videos about children/people trafficking and prostitution in the world. It is unbelievable how desperate people are, that they have to sell their children into prostitution. It just makes you shake to see some of these pictures of the children.

It is amazing how much of this is going on in the East, including Thailand, Cambodia, etc. Then I looked up Japan, and this is what I found out about Japan:

- The sex industry accounts for 1% of the GNP, and equals the defense budget. (CATW - Asia Pacific, Trafficking in Women and Prostitution in the Asia Pacific)

- There are more than 150,000 foreign women in prostitution in Japan; more than half are Filipinas and 40% are Thai. (CATW-Asia Pacific, Newsletter Volume 1.2, Winter 1998)

- Sri Lankan women are lured under false pretenses to Japan, and then disappear. (CATW - Asia Pacific, Trafficking in Women and Prostitution in the Asia Pacific)

- Japan is a destination of trafficked women from Ukraine and Russia. (Global Survival Network, Vladmir Isachenkov, "Soviet Women Slavery Flourishes," Associated Press, 6 November 1997)

- Japanese men constitute the largest number of sex tourists in Asia. (CATW - Asia Pacific, Trafficking in Women and Prostitution in the Asia Pacific)

- The enormous sex industry in Japan is socially accepted. At the center of this empire is Kabukicho district. "It's a crime, but police don't really bother us." (Manager of a pornography producing company, "Pornography Easy To Find in Japan," Joseph Coleman, Associated Press, October 1997)

- In 1998, Japan was the world's biggest producer of child pornography and Parliament recently refused to pass a law banning the production of child pornography, citing "business reasons." (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes, Poona Antaseeda, "Expert urges global law to end child pornography on the Internet," Bangkok Post, 3 June 1998)

- 1,000 illegal pornographic tapes are produced in Japan each month - 35 new titles a day. (Director Mitsuhiro Shimamura, Joseph Coleman, "Pornography Easy to Find in Japan," Associated Press, August 1997)

- Pornography is so pervasive, even schoolchildren have access to comic books with pornographic contents. Sex magazines can be bought at vending machines. Twenty-four hour pornography is available through cable television. Pornography can be accessed through computer networks. (CATW - Asia Pacific, Trafficking in Women and Prostitution in the Asia Pacific)

- Advertisements, known as "pink chirashi," promoting videos and massage parlors are placed in people's mailboxes. They are legal and widespread. (Joseph Coleman, "Pornography Easy to Find in Japan," Associated Press, August 1997)

- There is no law prohibiting child pornography in Japan.


Is this better than polygamy? God has permitted polygamy; some nations have outlawed it. At least in God's Way, women are not exploited (they consent to it), venereal diseases do not spread, Godly children are created as it is not against God's Commandment (Thou shall not commit adultery/fornication), etc.

This information also confirms why Japan is Babylon The Great!

Bits of Truth

1. There are three kinds of people: Idealists, pragmatists and those in between:

  1. Pragmatists are those who deal with things as they are. They are practical and accept the world as it is. They might gain the world but, most of them, will lose their souls.
  2. Idealists are those who concentrate on how the world should be. They see the imperfections of this world and point out these imperfections to others. They try to keep their ideals and souls but, most of them, eventually, lose their souls (or partially lose them) to the world and their worldly desires. Some idealists, if they insist on their ideals, lose their lives (those who want to keep the status quo kill them, like Christ)!
  3. Those who are idealists but lose their souls, and those who are pragmatists but want to keep their souls, are the ones between these two extremes.

2.Governments should belong to the people, and the leaders should belong to God: If people relinquish their God-Given Rights, the government will become the owner of these rights. If the leadership (head) is not connected to God, the whole society becomes ungodly! Leaders should enforce the Godly Laws (Nature) and should not replace the Absolute Laws (of God) with mans laws!

3.Dictator: Is an entity that acts as judge, jury and executioner! No matter who or what such a body is, they eventually will meet their demise!

4.Dictators are not born, they are created: Dictators are a reflection of the people they rule. The more people give their rights to the government, the more the government will become dictatorial!

5.Live your life in such a way that there will not be the slightest doubt in anyone's mind of your Godliness and Purity: Be One to the point that no one would ever dare accusing you of doing something wrong (un-Godly act). Be so One that even if someone dared to accuse you of wrongdoing, no one would believe them. Most important is that: In your Heart of Hearts, you Know they are lying or misguided!

6.Washing Hands: There is no better way to prevent sickness and the spread of disease than washing your hands a few times a day. By washing hands, we do not mean in the way most people do it. We mean washing them with warm water, soap and brush, very similar to the way doctors do it before a surgery (scrubbing). Scrub the tips of the fingers, the nails, underneath the nails, between the fingers, etc. thoroughly. If you do this a few times a day, most probably you will cut acquiring common sicknesses by 90% and other transferable diseases by a great degree (unless they are very aggressive, transmit in other ways such as breathing, are hard to get rid of, etc.)!

7. Always after urination and bowl movement wash yourself with water and your bare hand: There is no better way to wash off any residuals after urination and bowl movement than using water and your bare hands (you may use the gloves they use in hospitals, the very thin ones, but it will still not be quite as effective). It is extremely important, however, that afterwards you immediately wash your hands as recommended in the previous Bit of Truth "Washing Hands." If you do not wash your hands by scrubbing, you actually might acquire more diseases. If we can find a better way to clean oneself, it will be welcomed!

Using tissue alone will not clean you 100%. Even taking a bath once or twice a day is not as effective as this way. Residue left after going to the bathroom will most probably result in prostate problems, colon cancer, hemorrhoids, and many other complications that are more prevalent in the countries that only use tissues! Washing, as recommended here, will prevent many of these diseases.

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