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Religious / Spiritual Research:

There is now a website that is dedicated to researching topics of interest from a religious or spiritual view. This is a small effort to assist all interested in understanding other religions or beliefs. Where possible, the research will present the various views from the different Seals. In other areas, information will be presented so that you may draw your own conclusions about how humanity has adapted things for their own benefit or understanding.

If you have any topics that you have wondered about, please feel free to submit them and they will be considered. As this is a new and unrefined approach, not all topics can be covered appropriately, but every effort will be made to present intelligent and inclusive papers. Suggestions can be submitted through on the website,

As we all know, none of the papers presented take precedence over the Mission teachings. We all must go to God directly to gain as full of an understanding as possible in relation to all things. Hopefully, within these topics we will discover a little information that will assist us in some small fashion along our Path.

It is also readily admitted, that while this does fall under the Missions umbrella, you will notice that it does not have the Shield of Approval. The reason behind this is that this is ones personal motivation to perform such tasks, and the staffing is not currently at an adequate level to have each paper reviewed appropriately to support the Shield of Approval. The other aspect is that not everything presented is actually covered by the Mission teachings. So with these presentations, take them for what they are and, as always, turn to God for His Guidance. After all, everything is known to God, it is our own perceptions that need to be corrected.


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