July/August 2011 Newsbrief → Announcements

Deadline Passed to Attend Feast of Tabernacles

The deadline to apply to attend the Feast of Tabernacles in New Mexico was July 1st. Very few people have applied, so it looks like it will be another quiet Feast this year. This is FINE, and we will again focus on celebrating the Feast together over the internet. As in previous years, we will be broadcasting the majority of planned events, including gatherings, services, readings, and lectures, over Paltalk or GoToMeeting. We also hope everyone will utilize the other resources available online, such as the recorded Yoga and Pilates classes that were so well-received at last year's Feast.

Feast events will include many of the same as previous years, such as the Question and Answer Sessions with Maitreya (the only time of the year that Maitreya is accessible through Paltalk to the public to answer questions), several lectures, morning and evening services, readings, and exercise/innercise, and the fun-filled Talent Night (start planning your talent-filled songs, poems, vegetable gardens :), etc. now!). We are also looking into possibilities for some exciting new events and improvements, so stay tuned :).

The final details and schedule will be announced in the next Newsbrief (the last Newsbrief before the Feast).

Note: Although the application deadline has passed, it is still possible to apply to attend the Feast in New Mexico; however, an additional 20% late fee will be added to the attendance fee. No applications will be accepted two weeks prior to the start of the Feast (this year the Welcome day is October 10).

Also, because it seems almost certain that we will have less than 10 people in attendance, we plan on holding the Feast in our house, and as it says on the Feast Announcement page: "...these ten people are selected mostly by invitation, and are people who have been in the Mission for years and are well-known to us." Therefore, if you are not a long-term and close member of the Mission, you will most likely not be accepted to attend (but you can always attend by joining us online). However, you can still email us at feast@maitreya.org to inquire about attending in future years.

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