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Individuals Soliciting Donations

A situation arose over the last two months which again reminded us that there are many desperate or greedy people who are willing to take advantage of organizations like the Mission to try and make money for themselves. The specific situation is not important, and in this case it seems that it may have been a false alarm; regardless, however, the lesson is a good one to learn, and is one that we all should take to heart so we cannot ever be taken advantage of. That lesson is most effectively explained by the Note we have now added to the bottom of our donations page:

Note: If anyone personally solicits you for donations, please be aware that there are a great number of unscrupulous people who commit fraud and theft regularly throughout the world. It is up to each one of us to be ever vigilant when considering a donation to another individual. No individual is ever authorized to ask for money on behalf of the Mission. We have provided enough ways to donate to the Mission directly.

Please notify us immediately if someone seems to be directly asking for money from you on behalf of the Mission (especially if they insist and you are annoyed, or you feel you are being taken advantage of). As brothers and sisters in God (good people), we are obligated to protect one another from harm. By exposing such people, you do what a true Divine would do: You expose the thieves and purify the earth one step closer to perfection. Also, this will allow us to alert others of the problem, etc.

The greatest way to assist those who need our help is when a person makes a general donation and does not know who the recipient will be, and the recipient does not know who gave the charity. There is no ego involved and no emotion other than the act of giving and the act of receiving. Only give to the Mission if you trust it and Know in your Heart of Hearts that we will use it for God's Purpose.

Remember: No individual is authorized to solicit funds for the Mission of Maitreya to go directly to them. If you give your money (property, etc.) to such individuals, you are doing it of your own accord!

Please contact us if you have any questions about this, or if something like this has happened, or ever happens, to you. By working together, we can keep each other safe!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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