July/August 2011 Newsbrief Articles

MOM Members Meeting Room

By Sarah-Ji

Maitreya-Ji's Teachings have given us a glimpse into the true Mystery of God and the purpose of our lives ("...the Teacher can lead you to the water, but it is you who has to drink the water..."). Perhaps that is why when we start studying THOTH and learning of the Seven Seals, we often feel isolated or alone, because our family or friends do not understand the new consciousness that we are experiencing. They might be so entrenched in their own culture or tradition, and we try to share with them, and they give back a blank stare and have no idea of what we are talking about. It has happened to each of us.

That is one of the reasons for the Mission of Maitreya (MOM) members meeting. It is a place to gather and just share with others who are a part of this great New Movement and have the same understanding. The meeting occurs every third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM MST (Mountain Standard Time) or, from March to October when the US keeps Daylight Savings Time, one hour earlier at 7:30 PM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). It is held in the Mission's GoToMeeting room (how to join). Usually the room is opened by 7:20 PM and the meeting starts after the live Universal Mantra Meditation class in PalTalk.

The discussion is very informal. We talk about many things. Sometimes we talk about the happenings in the world and their relationship to the prophecies and Teachings. In past meetings we have talked about global warming, the economic crisis in the world, the cyclical movements in society, elder care, the nuclear reactor in Japan, sustainable and organic farming, meditation, the safest places in the world to survive the coming disasters (of course, the safest is Rio Rancho where the Mission Center is located), even where all the bees have gone ("...to Rio Rancho?" remarked Catharina from the Netherlands :) ), etc. Of course we also talk about the Teachings of the Eternal Divine Path, or questions are asked for further clarification. But overall the tone is very friendly, casual, and informal. Afterwards everyone feels refreshed and their Spirits are lifted, because this talk is about God and it is not idle like so much of the talk that is in the world these days.

So come and join us! Mark your calendar. All are welcome who Love this Mission and want to meet and share with others around the globe. Let us have a universal room with lots of people from around the world. We are One family, under One God, and there is only One Savior who teaches us the true One Religion for all!



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