July/August 2011 Newsbrief Message From Maitreya

Japan, Fukushima, Nuclear Power

1. Japan says nuclear policy must be reviewed: It seems Japan wants to resort to renewable energy. We hope there will be a Japan, and that it will be able to become an example for the rest of humanity. Either way, humanity should learn what Japan has learned and follow our recommendation to use only renewable energies and stop polluting the earth, etc.

2. Fukushima Evacuation Widened, Again: The affected disaster zone in Japan has been expanded even further. Where will this zone end? Will it cover the whole nation? Will it be no more?

3. Fukushima 90210: There is a nuclear plant in Diablo Canyon (Diablo means Devil in Spanish) in California. The writer of the article believes something like Fukushima might happen to it!

4. A few links to news about Japan: I just (May 21, 2011) found a source of information all about Japan (NewsOnJapan.com). After checking it out, I found much new information about Japan after the disaster struck. I will list them here without any comments:

  1. 20 terabecquerels of radioactive materials flowed out to Pacific
  2. Economic headaches abound
  3. Japan tells tourists says 'it's safe' to come back
  4. Agony for Japan livestock farmers in nuclear crisis
  5. Quake shakes eastern Japan
  6. Instruments saw Japan quake lurch
  7. Sony now expects $3.2 billion loss due to earthquake

5. Swiss Move to End Nuclear Era: Many nations, after the disaster in Japan, are switching their plans from nuclear toward renewable, natural energy. Again it seems we (God) have revealed that we have to go toward these kinds of energy and humanity is forced to follow. God Wills and it happens!

6. Post-quake Japan pledges green energy overhaul: Apparently God is helping us to go toward green energy as we have proposed humanity should do. In fact Japan is considering making the installation of solar panels on the top of new houses mandatory. If this is true then they are doing exactly what we have envisioned for energy self-sufficiency.

7. Germany wants nuclear exit by 2022: Another nation is taking the path to green and renewable energy. It is encouraging to see that what we have realized is being manifested with little effort on our part. When it is Gods Will, you just have to sit back and watch it happen!

8. Earless Rabbit A Sign of Fukushima Damage? (VIDEO): Is the birth of this earless rabbit the result of the Fukushima disaster? Most likely (also)!

9. Level 4 Emergency: Fort Calhoun (Nebraska) Nuclear Plant Flooded About to Get Worse - 6/14/11: Very little information about this accident has been leaked to the public, and access to the plant is restricted and was barred to the media! For more information on this and what happened after this date (6/14/11) search the web for this topic (update).

10. Fukushima: It's much worse than you think: More truth is coming out about the nuclear disaster in Japan!

11. Elevated radiation levels widespread in eastern Japan: So Gods prediction is coming true. Babylon The Great has fallen!

12. US Nuke Regulators Weaken Safety Rules: The US is in danger of a nuclear disaster, as happened to Japan!

13. Japanese Youth Show Signs Of Radiation Exposure: The effects of the disaster in Japan will be much worse than we are aware of!

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