July/August 2011 Newsbrief Message From Maitreya


This section contains short comments (snippets) by Maitreya on recent news items, as well as other thoughts, quotes, etc.


1. Japan, the Fukushima disaster, and nuclear power around the world: There have been so many articles about these topics in the last two months that there are 13 Snippets on them alone! Therefore, to keep this page to a manageable size, these Snippets have been placed on their own page.

2. Arab dynasties lure Jordan, Morocco into anti-Iran bloc: As we mentioned in Snippets in our last Newsbrief, a rift is developing between the US and Arab nations, especially the ones with dynastic systems (kings, sheiks, etc.). These leaders in Arab nations are terrified of what is happening in that part of the world, and the US withdrawing its support from Mubarak and the leader of Tunisia scared them to death. They are now using the excuse to come together against Iran to try to shore up their armies, not to use them against Iran, but to control their own people. What fear does Morocco have of Iran? They are a world apart! Of course, the alliance is already in trouble!

3. Hopi Prophecy Blue Star Kachina is Comet Holmes?: Could this be the fulfillment of another Hopi Prophecy?

4. China, Pakistan Reaffirm Friendship Amid Tension with U.S.: Another confirmation of what we have said will happen. More and more, Asian countries are joining China at the expense of the US. We can see the beginning of the formation of the great army of Gog and Magog!

5. New "Super Wheat" May Save the Globe's Most Vital Food Crop: Humans (scientists) seem to again be tampering with nature. If they have not created this strain naturally (created it using artificial ways) and it does not conform to Nature's Way, when they create food like this they eliminate a lot of essential ingredients (especially local antibiotics and other elements) from the food. In the long run those who go against nature will always lose!

Also see the related article in this Newsbrief.

6. Study: Apples Are Most Contaminated Produce: In this video it is revealed that apples are the most contaminated produce. Then the announcer goes on to list what other produce is contaminated. The list is long and, probably, should include all non-organic, conventionally grown, sprayed produce. At the end, however, she almost concludes that it is all right, as the contamination of all this produce is below FDA minimum requirements.

The way she accepts whatever the FDA says is almost like how people felt about doctors when I was growing up: They are God, and whatever they say is perfect and has to be followed. However, many now know that doctors are also human and make mistakes, and we have to be careful to accept their words as perfect and helpful to us. They (doctors) also might be influenced by pressure from outside and recommend things that they might not believe in. The same case can be made for the minimum recommended doses of contaminants and toxins. In fact, the most natural way, and the way of Spirit, is produce with no contaminants.

There was an article in the last Newsbrief with more information about this topic (problems with pesticides, conventional farming, etc.).

7. China's Growing Military Muscle: A Looming Threat?: Russia already has a powerful military. Now China is trying to catch up. What happens if Russia, India, China, and other populated countries in Asia come together and form a powerful bloc against the West? The writing is on the wall indeed!

8. Wildfires-When the World Ends in Fire: Are the current fires in Arizona and New Mexico the fulfillment of more Hopi Prophecies?

9. Enter The Dragon: The Chinese Right On Cue: Is China trying to take over Europe, or at least woo it away from the US?


1. Sun Bear with Wabun Wind. Black Dawn, Bright Day: Indian Prophecies for the Millennium that Reveal the Fate of the Earth. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1992: I received an email which quoted, from this book, the prophecy below:

  1. Pg. 32: "I've also spoken often of a dream I had in 1978, in which I saw a map of Iran. In the dream, the word "Iran" vanished off the map. Spirit told me the dream meant that Iran would eventually be destroyed by its neighbors and by earthquakes. This destruction has begun. Throughout most of the 1980's, Iran was involved in a devastating war with Iraq. Now major earthquakes have hit Iran; as recently as June 1990 a large earthquake killed more than 50,000 people and left many times that number homeless. As of late 1990, tensions continued between Iran and its neighbors, and scientists were predicting that more and larger earthquakes may strike the area. So this is the way that dreams can show us what will happen."
  2. Pg. 192: "A long time back I had a very powerful dream: Spirit showed me a map of Iran and the word "Iran" vanished off the map. I asked Spirit what was going to happen. Spirit said Iran would be completely destroyed by earthquakes, and by its neighbors. I feel Iran will continue to have conflicts with its neighbors and, eventually the other Arabs are going to go in and use their finishing touches on them. Iranians are so completely warped in their thinking, they will die to the last one - at least all of them who are still in agreement with the late Mr. Khomeini. It will be very similar to what happened in Germany. Hitler was ready to scorch the Earth all over Europe, all the way back to his little fading castle. There is that same mentality in Iran.

    Until that time, Iran will continue to have political oppression. It will also be hit by earthquakes."

I asked the person who told me about this information: Why do you think this might happen? He said, maybe God is done with Iran. Iran has done what it is supposed to do (all the Prophets have come from that area) and it no longer is needed.

It makes sense, as that country seems to have so many enemies now and many are wishing that it is destroyed!

Also, they (the Iranian government) have decided to go ahead with their plan to build many nuclear plants, and keep the one that was just built. In fact, in a study of their new plant, it was concluded that, since that country is over many crisscrossing faults, the possibility of the same kind of disaster as what happened to Japan is high. However, the government decided to go ahead and keep that plant and even build more (1, 2). Whether this prophecy comes true or not, it seems their decisions are not wise and something bad might happen there!

Bits of Truth

1. There is only One Way: Gods (Natures) Way. It is not our opinions or what the dictators say!

2.Cats are the perfect pets: Domestic cats are created to be pets. They are clean, cute, manageable, not dangerous at all (unless they are badly mistreated, then they might bite, etc.), and besides for petting them and playing with them, which is also fun for the owner, they do not need much extra care. If they live on a farm and/or have a place to roam, they do not even need litter boxes. All in all, they are the perfect pets.

Some people might not agree with this and protest that dogs are mans best friend and are the best pets. Dogs are created, mostly, to live outside to guard properties and forewarn man of approaching danger, or to be used for other useful outside tasks. They are not clean. In fact, more diseases are transferred from dogs to people who let dogs inside their homes than cats. The only major disease transferable from cats to humans is toxoplasmosis, which can be mostly prevented if pregnant women do not handle litter boxes (even better is not to have a litter box). Other diseases are transferred though fleas, and that is why it is so important to keep them free of fleas.

The best way to have a pet is to let them live as naturally as possible!

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