July/August 2011 Newsbrief Reports

Reports from Light Bearers


Project manager,
Paravipra Training Centers

Sal-Om MOM,

I had a visitor from the United States in May (the sister of a friend of mine from college). She has been traveling around the world and she stopped by Izmir while travelling around Turkey. She attended our classes in the center and was very interested in the purpose of the Beyondmind centers. When she found out about the Mission, she was very interested in the Teachings as well. It was my first experience sharing the Teachings with a Westerner (American) face to face, so it was a good experience for me too. I shared the Teachings with her and directed her to the Mission website.

My youngest brother (11 years old) also came to visit me in Izmir. He stayed with me for a week and helped me in the center. The first time he showed interest in the Teachings was when he was 6 years old. I used to live in my parents' house, and he would listen to the chanting of the HOSH mantra for hours. Sometimes he used to join me in singing it. As he grew up, he continued hearing about the Mission and the Teachings from me: It is amazing to see how kids learn even when you think they are not paying attention. This time he read the essay "How He Became Maitreya" by himself and told me that this is a great story. I told him it is the Greatest :). He thinks it will make a great movie. He already started working on it :). ATTG.

This summer is going to be the real test of if a Beyondmind center can survive in Izmir. Less quantity but more quality seems to be working for now.


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