July/August 2011 Newsbrief Reports

Reports from Light Bridges

US, North and South Carolina

Sal-Om MOM and everyone,

These past two months I was able to spend a lot of time on social networking. On the Spiritual Networks social network, I told anyone that friended me about the Mission of Maitreya and gave them the website. I received a response from one friend that they really enjoyed the site (and I suggested to them that they might want to get involved).

On Facebook I also informed everyone I met of the Mission and have received many positive comments, and some friends I've made have become part of the group Learn more about the Mission of Maitreya. I also enjoy doing postings from the Mission's teachings, often pairing them with striking pictures. More recently, I have been adding these postings to a number of Facebook groups that I am a member of (as these groups tend to have many participants). I also filled out a survey on non-profit organizations that appeared on Facebook for the Mission of Maitreya and encouraged others to do the same. Facebook has proven to be one great way to connect with others in the Mission as well as to share with new people.

I gave out and/or mailed out a few Mission CDs to people. I talked with my friends and some acquaintances about the Mission and gave a Mission card to a young lady who cut my hair (she was very interested and wanted to investigate further). I also had the opportunity to explain The Greatest Sign and give the Mission website to two different computer techs from India that helped me with computer issues.

Finally, Maverick (HOSH-REMINDER on Paltalk) and I have been able to share the Mission teachings and God with people on Paltalk in a room that he set up called Everything is God. Anyone from the Mission is welcome to come join us in this endeavor (contact me for more information)!

Thanks God for the Joy that comes with the sharing of this Great Mission.



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