September/October 2011 Newsbrief → Announcements

A New Mission Couple!

It is with great pleasure that we announce: Our two Mission members in Turkey, Unus and Niama, are now married! From Unus's report for this Newsbrief:

"Probably the biggest news from Izmir, Turkey for this contact report is that Niama and I decided to unite our lives in God, following the Mission and the Eternal Divine Path by marrying. God even gave us the opportunity to make this occasion a chance for us to declare the Mission and that we follow it to everyone we know in a small wedding ceremony put together by our parents, with God's Grace. In the wedding ceremony, we had the ritual of marriage suggested by Maitreya in THOTH, which was a great experience as well. ATTG."

It is truly a marriage Arranged and Blessed by God, and we know they will accomplish much together. Our warmest congratulations to them.

As married couples are the base of the Communities Of Light, it is great to see Godly marriages within the Mission. Each will lead us one step closer to our goal of bringing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth!

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