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Google +1 Button

In conjunction with its new social network Google+, Google has recently released a feature called the +1 button. It is similar to "like" on Facebook: To show your approval of something, you can +1 it on Google+ or on Google search (the next time you search for something, look at the end of all the website titles and you should see the +1 icons).

However, Google's +1 seems to be much more important than Facebook's "like", and be very important indeed, as Google is saying that the amount of people who +1 a website will affect that website's search ranking. Where a website shows up in search results is very important (if it is hard to find, no one will find it), so this has the potential to greatly affect our outreach.

If you search "Maitreya" on Google, we are currently the third website on the list (after Wikipedia and Share International). If we correctly take advantage of this new +1 tool, maybe we could move up to be the second or first website (where we used to be)! On the other hand, if others utilize it better than us, we could also be moved further down the list!

Therefore, if you want to help promote and spread the Mission, it would be most helpful if you would +1 our website, especially our home page To do so, you will need to be signed into your Google-related account (Google+, Gmail, etc.), or create an account if you do not have one. Then, you can +1 us in one of two ways:

  1. Search for our website on Google. Then, click the +1 button to the right of its name on the Google search page.

  2. We have added a +1 button to the bottom left corner of the page. Click this +1 button.

Please note that if you have +1'd something, clicking the button again will remove your +1. So please be sure you do not do both of the above methods, but choose one, or they will cancel each other out! To be sure you have it correct, look at the color of the +1 button. If it is blue, then you have successfully +1'd the site; if it is white, then you have not +1'd it and need to click it again.

Thanks (God)!

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