September/October 2011 Newsbrief Announcements


We are very sorry to have to report that our long-time member Hosanna has been diagnosed with lung cancer. This is being announced in the Newsbrief so all can offer him support and community in the struggle he now faces. It is also in the hope that someone reading this may have experience with cancer and/or know of treatments, resources, suggestions, etc. that might be able to help him. If more information is needed about the specific situation to suggest aid, please request details from Hosanna directly.

To provide support, suggestions, etc., here is Hosanna's contact information:

Dan Still
Phone: (505) 417-4772

Let us come together as a community and help our brother in need.


M: Let us Pray for him and at the end accept the Will of God. Maybe we are being challenged/tested to see if we are One and are truly concerned for one another. If that is the case, our Prayers will be answered, as we will prove to be One!

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