September/October 2011 Newsbrief → Message From Maitreya


This section contains short comments (Snippets) by Maitreya on recent news items, as well as other thoughts, quotes, etc.


This month we had around 50 news Snippets and had to cut them down to this number. That is why we are experimenting with moving Snippets to a separate bi-monthly email.

They are organized chronologically, not by topic (from two months ago to more recently):

1. Economic Recovery? What Economic Recovery? [video]: As we have forewarned the world, this recession is not a regular recession that they know how to cure. Even those who thought they knew how to recover from a recession are coming to this conclusion: What recovery?

Indeed the government is taking all the wrong steps to deal with this recession. If they Knew our teachings and would have listened to us, we would have been on our way to recovery by now. Just do not say that God is not trying to help. It is the human who does not want to listen!

2. Norway Attacks: Anders Behring Breivik Reported as Suspect: This shows that humanity is not yet ready for our Revelation. No wonder we need three incarnations to see the Mission to be established. There is much division and misunderstanding among humans!

3. Video: Anonymous Activists Shut Down Monsanto Website: This should make some people a little happier that someone is standing against Monsanto!

4. Egyptian Army Expels Protesters From Tahrir Square (VIDEO): What became of the Egyptian revolution and democracy? We told you it would not happen!

5. Peak radiation spots found at Fukushima plant: So still Japan is in danger of radiation leaks. They should realize the prophecy about them and return to God. That might save them more than relying on their technology and human abilities!

6. A Case Study: Parents CAN Fight Polluters: This is people power. If people become more aware and come together, they can change things for the better!

7. Say No to GMO with True Food Shoppers Guide: Even beyond what this article proposes, we recommend: Eat local, organic and fresh. Even better: Create the COLs and have your own farms and food locally, organic and fresh!

8. The Solar Power Funding Avalanche: As usual, we said it and it started to manifest. It has been amazing how whenever the Mission concentrates on anything, suddenly many people take the same topic and start manifesting what the Mission desires, such as this topic and/or eating healthier (local, organic and fresh), etc.

9. Tax Junk Food and Subsidize Healthy Alternatives: This sounds like a very good idea!

10. S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating for first time: How long do you think one can live well on borrowed money?

11. Tibet Still Waits For Its Panchen Lama: Tibetan Buddhism, like all other religions, is done with. They also have to realize that Maitreya is here and their expectation is fulfilled. They should stop their destroyed system and come and implement the Mission system/teachings. Their will, will no longer work!

12. Dozens Injured After Violence and Looting in London [also 1, 2]: Greece, then other European countries, and now England. Are these signs of what is coming to other nations, including the US and countries in South America? What should happen that humanity, eventually, accepts the Mission as the way out?

13. Could the London Riots Happen in the US?: Here might be a part of the answer to the question we posed in the previous Snippet!

14. China Holds $1.1 Trillion of US Debt (video): Europe depends on the US currency, and the US currency is owned by China (watch the video on the second page)!

15. Monsanto Corn at Farm Markets?: Now we even have to watch what we are buying at farmers markets!

16. NASA finds DNA components in meteorites, says they originated in space (video): Is there life out there? YES! How evolved is it? That is the question!

17. Research Links Monsantos Roundup to Root Fungus [video]: Monsanto is trying to propagandize its good intentions. Apparently the amount of awareness that has come to people is scaring them!

18. Rooftop Solar Is Experiencing a Boom in California: Another of those things that the Mission said should be considered which now is spreading like wild fire. It should be mandatory for all rooftops!

19. "Mining Will Offend Our Ancestors": Similar to the beliefs of the Hopis and other Native Americans!

20. Michigan Lawmaker Pushes Anti-Sharia Measure: Most of the people who oppose Sharia do not even know what it is. Indeed Muslim nations lived in peace for a long time and crime is the lowest in these nations.

However, reinterpretation of many Islamic laws is overdue. It is time to bring the tradition of discussion and debate (Dawa) into it and so the real meaning of these Laws, with the help of the Mission teachings, would be better understood.

21. In a Tizzy About Tithing: Humans like to do what they want, not what God has told them to do. Here people are willing to pay tithes as long as it is not the way God told them to. In fact anyone who gives to any other organization, before they pay their tithes to the Mission, is robbing God (Matthew 3:8).

22. It May Be Decades Before the Fukushima Area Is Habitable Again: This is just the beginning of Japans problems. Those who leave God and follow the world will be no more!

23. Take That, Monsanto: GMOs Not Sustainable: More and more people are realizing that growing food is more than having food on the table!

24. Pentagon Releases Report on China's Military [video]: Should the US object to Chinas military spending?

25. Oldest Person In The World Credits Local Diet For Long Life: The old generation knows better than the new, although the younger generation might be more educated (I wonder who is really more educated)!

26. No New Jobs Created In August: I am not surprised!

27. Doctors & Nurses: Please Wash Your Hands: Everyone should scrub their hands and wash them as well as surgeons do.

News Sent By Others

1. Oxygen molecules detected in Orion constellation [sent to us by email]: It goes very well with the recent discovery of the largest, oldest mass of water in the universe (also 1, 2). So there is oxygen and water in space and we might benefit from them if we learn how to obtain and use them!

2. Japanese rice crops threatened by radiation: Again Japan is still in trouble and should see that what is said by the Mission is their way to salvation and is the solution to their problems. Apparently they will not, like all other nations, and so they will suffer the consequences!

Bits of Truth

1. There is nothing hidden from God: What you do He Knows of!

2. Ignorance is Bliss: However, it (ignorance) will not protect you from the harm that might come to you from what you are ignorant of!

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