September/October 2011 Newsbrief Reports

Reports from Light Bearers


Project manager,
Paravipra Training Centers

Sal-Om MOM,

Probably the biggest news from Izmir, Turkey for this contact report is that Niama and I decided to unite our lives in God, following the Mission and the Eternal Divine Path by marrying. God even gave us the opportunity to make this occasion a chance for us to declare the Mission and that we follow it to everyone we know in a small wedding ceremony put together by our parents, with God's Grace. In the wedding ceremony, we had the ritual of marriage suggested by Maitreya in THOTH, which was a great experience as well. ATTG.

Other news are:

The Turkish website home page, contact information and some links have been updated. The site still needs some more updating for small spelling mistakes, etc. but overall it gets the message across very efficiently. The work will continue to perfect it.

I have also been preparing a slideshow (Powerpoint presentation) for my Feast of Tabernacles lecture on The Plan. Hopefully the visual aids will help in seeing the details that are shared in writing.

We had a visitor in Izmir this month from the Beyondmind Kocaeli center: One of our Pilates instructors came for training and stayed at the center for about a week. She had showed some interest in the Mission Teachings before and this time she was very excited about learning more. She read the base of the teachings and parts of THOTH that are translated to Turkish, and hearing her say "this just makes perfect sense" was exciting. She is even considering moving to Izmir and working with us in the Beyondmind Izmir center to learn more and purify herself. Of course now she has a big test in front of her if she can forego her worldly attachments and hear the calling of God. God knows the best. All thanks to Him.

Other than these, the month of August (being Ramadan for Muslims) was not so busy for the Beyondmind centers. Niama and I mostly used this month to adjust to our new situation and to rent an apartment, move, etc. Thanks God for all the support.


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