September/October 2011 Newsbrief Reports

Reports from Light Bridges

US, North and South Carolina

Sal-Om MOM and everyone,

During the past two months, there were several Sundays where Maverick and I shared the Mission teachings with others in the PalTalk room called Everything is God (a room he created). However, we have since decided, for various reasons, not to continue the room.

I have joined two new social networks but have not yet become too familiar with how they work. The first one is Google+ and the other is Kaskus, which is a site originating out of Indonesia (Mission group in Kaskus). I have continued to do postings on Twitter and Care2, and share the Mission site with all who friend me on Spiritual Networks. I wrote a review for the Mission for Great Nonprofits (can be seen on the Mission's Guidestar listing) in regards to how the teachings promote social justice, and that was posted to Facebook. I also have extensively worked on promoting the Mission's Facebook Cause "Support the unification of all religions and the world" both on Facebook and Twitter, and God has seen fit to recuit many new members!

Because I am currently looking for a job, it has left me a lot of free time which is often devoted to Facebook postings for the Mission, friending of people (and they are always given the Mission website), and sharing in the 20+ Facebook groups that I am a member of. The great thing about sharing the Mission posts and teachings in these groups is that many, many people then get to view them, as many of the groups have from 1,000 on up to 4,000 people in them! So it has enabled me to make contact with people who show interest repeatedly and to get them involved in the Mission's official Facebook group "Learn more about the Mission of Maitreya." I have found that most of the people have been so thankful and grateful when they have been offered to be a part of that Learn More... group :).

I continue to share the Mission's live meditation classes weekly in PalTalk. ATTG.


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