November/December 2011 Newsbrief Announcements

HOSH, etc. Videos Uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, FTP

Recently one of our members mentioned that there were no videos of the HOSH mantra on YouTube. When we realized she was right, we searched through our video recordings and found a slew of videos suitable for uploading - not just of HOSH and Kirtan, but also The Reminder, Samgacchadvam, and a few other parts of our regular services.

These videos are now available on our YouTube account, our Vimeo account, and our FTP site (under Videos --> Services). We will also be adding them to various relevant places on our website (for example, putting the Reminder videos on our Reminder page).

We hope many will find these beautiful and helpful, share them with others, etc. If anyone has other suggestions of videos that would be helpful to upload, or something they would like to have available, please let us know and we will see what we can do!

Finally, an unexpected benefit of this project has been finding several audios of HOSH Kirtan, Samgacchadvam, etc. that are not currently included in the recordings we use for weekly services on Paltalk. Therefore, we are putting together a few new recordings of services to add to this rotation. This is great, as we only had a few recordings before, and this will hopefully make the weekly services more diverse and enjoyable for all!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).