November/December 2011 Newsbrief Reports

Reports from Light Bridges

US, North and South Carolina

Sal-Om MOM and everyone,

The past two months were spent continuing to share on all the social networking sites in an effort to let people know about the Mission and its activities. I have a new job at a better agency, ATTG, and so networking is mostly done in the evenings or weekends.

What a wonderful Feast of Tabernacles the Mission held this year, and ATTG, I was able to attend most of it (online, of course). On the community service day, my friend and I cleaned up the area around the condos where I live and then attended Maitreya's Question & Answer Satsang session that afternoon. I showed her how to dance the Kirtan that evening (was fresh in mind too since Unus had just shared that in the Spiritual Practices session :-) ) and we did The Reminder and meditation together.

Continuing to share the Mission whenever I have the opportunity. One of my old friends from South Florida is now emailing me using my spiritual name :-) after I shared the Mission and about my name's meaning with her.

Sal-Om for now,
and Thanks God for all,


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