January/February 2012 Newsbrief → Message From Maitreya

They Are Your Servants

All throughout the earth, humanity has lost control of their governments. Even nations that based their constitutions on "government from the people, by the people and for the people" are losing this notion and, like others, are becoming governments from the elite, by the elite and for the elite. The elite, in these cases, are those who have business powers and/or are supported by them (businesses). In many other countries it is the gun that rules!

Governments are your servants. No matter what kind they are, it is you who pay their salaries, and any resources in any nation, at this time, belong to the people (you) in these nations. Later on, when human consciousness will expand enough, they will realize that: All resources in the universe belong to God and are for all beings to use and enjoy.

Therefore, humans should realize this and demand their rights as the true guardians of the resources. Governments should use these for your benefits, in the way that the Owner (God) intended for them to be used. This has to be understood by all and demanded to be established on earth.

At this time the whole situation is upside down. Governments (in most cases, the military) think they own the resources and the people. They use these for their own benefits, and they are not using the resources as God intended them to be used. The ruling party creates the elite class who has most of the privileges, and you (people) have very few. In fact this has become the norm, and many humans have accepted this as the way it is.

Demanding your God-given rights, working toward the unity of humanity, reaching to space for unlimited resources, realizing the cyclical movements of social progress, implementing the Principles of the Eternal Divine Path (EDP), choosing Godly leaders (Paravipras), etc. will result in Peace on earth, Unity, Prosperity, and the Kingdom.

In the paragraphs above, we discussed the position and responsibilities of, and our expectations from, our governments. Below we will discuss our responsibilities and position under any government.

We surely need to grow up and become responsible, productive, participating, and model citizens in any society we live in. Demanding our rights without these will not work!

One thing for sure: Most humans do not mind demanding that the government do everything for them. Now that we have said that all resources belong to you, many will conclude that the government should do everything for them. This attitude is the beginning of the fall of all prosperous nations.

Governments should not become charity organizations. Charity and helping each other should start from the Heart, in every community, especially in the Communities Of Light (COLs), which are the base of our teachings. It should be done because God created an opportunity for us to learn to help others. If we do not do this in a community, that community is not a COL!

Governments should make sure that everyone has at least the minimum amount to live on. However, in a society based on the True COLs, it is the communities which will accomplish this, not the government. Governments should create opportunities for everyone so they (each person and community) can support themselves.

This goes very well with what we teach: We need a New Man who understands these things and is willing to act according to the demands for living a productive life, based on God's Laws.

Probably a social man who is also Godly and wants to follow the Mission will heed what has been Revealed in our last Snippets. The question was: "What are the seven most important things in life for those who want to follow the Mission and Its Teachings?" The answer was:

  1. Do the Reminder and Mission rituals as much as you can!
  2. Choose whether you want to pursue a family life or to be a sannyasin (renunciate).
  3. Find what you are good at and make it profitable. Pay your tithes and become the best in what you do.
  4. Take care of your family and children well, and leave something for your family after you die.
  5. Choose leaders who are connected to God, and if they know the Will of God, follow them.
  6. Demand your civil rights. Remember the government is your servant.
  7. Remember the Goal of the Life is to Be(come) Divine (reach Pure Consciousness).

I am sure there are many other important things in the Mission that one should follow. However, this answer reflects the amount of emphasis God puts on how important it is for people to be responsible in their lives, not only for themselves but for future generations (and of course past generations as well). It is also Revealed here that you have to demand your civil rights and realize that the government is your (people's) servant.

With these understandings and the System the Mission has Revealed to humanity, it will be a government from the responsible people, by the responsible people and for the responsible people, with the Head connected to God. So the government is under the people's power, but the ultimate Guidance comes from God.

Such is the Kingdom Of God on earth.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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