March/April 2012 Newsbrief Announcements

Additions to Maitreya's Genealogy Page
(Chinese Connection)

The "Chinese Connection" section of Maitreya's Genealogy page explains that in addition to being the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (from the lineage of King David) and a Sayyed (descended from Muhammad), there is also a possibility that Maitreya has an ancestral connection to the Far East and the Chinese dynasties as many Buddhists are expecting (or at least it might strengthen their faith that Maitreya is indeed the Buddha reincarnated).

Until now, this claim was based only on evidence sent to us by an anonymous source. However, over the past two months, we have come across many more sources explaining that Persia and China have a richly interconnected history, with many Persians being welcomed to and living in China, traveling back and forth, mixing and intermarrying, etc. This includes intermixing of both Iranian and Chinese royalty.

We even found information that some of the Persians who moved to China might have been Ishmaelite (Nadir Shah, Maitreya's ancestor, was also an Ishmaelite). All this lends further credence and likelihood to the possibility that Maitreya is descended from or has some genealogical relationship to the Far East and the Chinese dynasties.

Therefore, we have added links and a video about this new evidence to the bottom of the "Chinese Connection" section. We encourage everyone to view and contemplate on them. We also encourage you, if you have an interest and/or talent in this subject, to further research the relationship between China and Iran and send us any additional information you might find to be added to this section.

Let us gather all the evidence God has provided to prove who is His Prophet, until doubt can be found no more in the heart of any man.

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