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New Benjamin Creme Section

In recent months, it seemed like more and more people were contacting the Mission because of Benjamin Creme - they had first heard of the name "Maitreya" through Mr. Creme and/or thought we were connected to him and Share International (the organization that promotes him and his teachings). Also, Maitreya recently wrote the Newsbrief article No Other... (November/December 2011) as the Mission's last message to Mr. Creme. Therefore, it seemed like the time was right to bring the various parts of the website relating to Mr. Creme together under their own section so it would be easy to study and know the Mission's stance about him and his following.

This new section can be found on the left side menu under Prophecies -> Benjamin Creme (Share Int.). It contains the three main references to Mr. Creme on our website: His correct prediction of Maitreya's appearance in 1982, Maitreya's 2003 article Is He One of the Antichrists or a Messenger from God?, and Maitreya's recent Newsbrief article No Other....

We hope this new section will help dissipate any remaining confusion about our relationship to (and distinction from) Mr. Creme and Share International. It can also serve as a simple place to direct anyone with questions on this subject.

If you come across any other places on the website with a significant reference to Benjamin Creme, we ask that you please let us know so it can be added to this section.

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