March/April 2012 Newsbrief Announcements

Snippets Now Sent Out
14th and 28th of Month

The Snippets by Maitreya email was previously sent out to our mailing list every other Friday. This generally meant two Snippets emails per month, with two weeks between Snippets, which we felt was a good approach.

However, we later realized there was a problem with this method, which was that Snippets would sometimes overlap too closely with our Newsbrief (sent out the 10th of every other month). For example, this month a Snippets email was sent out the 9th (yesterday). We would prefer not to send out these large and important emails so close to each other, and this also puts a burden on us at the Mission to prepare both Snippets and the Newsbrief at the same time.

Therefore, from now on, Snippets will come out on the 14th and 28th of each month. This means it will no longer always come out on Friday, but it will still be twice a month, about two weeks apart, and will no longer be able to overlap so closely with the Newsbrief.

We hope you will enjoy the Snippets just as much as before despite this small change in timing.

Note: For this month, since we have just sent out a Snippets on the 9th, we will skip the 14th date and send our next Snippets on the 28th of March. From then on, it will always be on the 14th and 28th.

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