March/April 2012 Newsbrief Announcements Possibly Helpful Site

The website was mentioned in the January 27, 2012 Snippets by Maitreya email, in the "Sent to M" section. Maitreya's Snippet on it was:

Sender's comments: "Someone sent this website to the Mission. It is supposed to be a center of information for how to create 'resilient communities' meaning 'places that produce most of what they need locally and connect virtually for everything else.' It seems to be exactly or very similar to what we advocate for the Communities of Light, so I thought it would be useful to share in Snippets, etc."

So check it out. Maybe there are things we can learn from it. Nothing happens in the Mission for no reason. If someone sent this to us, maybe that person has been used to make us aware of a great opportunity!

As mentioned above, the website's concept of "resilient communities," or communities that are both self-sufficient and deeply interconnected, is very similar to what Maitreya explains the new era will be like. From O, Son Of Man in THOTH (and also in other parts of His teachings - such as Golden Keys, Satsangs, etc.):

This new way of life necessitates a new system to make it workable. This new era can neither exist based only on diversity and the decentralized mode of the agricultural era, nor on the centralized, unified notion of the industrialized period.

The coming of the new era will be more diverse than the agricultural period, but will be highly connected to the rest of humanity or even the universe. This system, therefore, has not only to recognize and accommodate for this diversity, but also to maintain the unity between the complex, interrelated components existing on earth.

Therefore, we felt this website was interesting and potentially useful enough to mention here in the Newsbrief. It might be able to provide valuable information for anyone trying to create a self-sufficient, independent, yet connected Community of Light (as we all should be striving to do as much as possible).

Also, it is a wiki (like Wikipedia), meaning it is a place built by its users where anyone can (and is encouraged to) add, edit, and delete content. The more people add and share their knowledge and experience, the more useful and comprehensive it will become. Therefore, if enough people contribute to this site, it has the potential to become a great collection of knowledge about creating such communities. So you might consider also adding to it whatever knowledge you may have about any relevant subjects.

All those who create great tools like this are a part of this Mission, whether they know it or not. We encourage all to work together with those who are going the same way as us (knowingly or unknowingly) so we may all reach there faster!

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