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Do Not Attack Iran

I am not writing this article because I was born in Iran and do not want that country to get hurt (although I do not want anyone to get hurt anywhere in the world/universe). I am writing this because a stream of Truth (Revelation) has been coming to me for the last two years. It is about the relationship between the American continents (North, Central and South America) and Asia (and many countries in that continent)!

This stream of consciousness is reflected in Newsbrief articles I wrote in the last two years, such as: Is Israel Joseph? (April 2010), Perfect Beings (May 2010), Perfect Beings, Where Are They? (June 2010), and Quicksand: The Middle East (August 2010).

You can say that: This article (Do Not Attack Iran) will combine all the articles I mentioned above, plus some Satsangs I have given in the past (such as 1, 2, ...) and some other parts of our teachings.

Remember in the Bible, Genesis 11:1, God clearly says that all people were of one language (all understood each other). In Genesis 11:6, God goes further: "And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one." Not only did they understand each other, they were "one" (they were still connected to spirit and were one). These two qualities made them powerful and self-centered. They would not listen to God. God decided to divide them into races and nations (different languages and cultures), etc.

However, He created a particular land that would force these different cultures to come together and mix with one another as no other land on earth. This area is the Middle East, especially Iran. If you look at the geography of Iran, in the south it is bound by the Persian Gulf, and in the north it is bound by the Caspian Sea.

The Caspian Sea is the largest lake in the world. It is so large that it is called a sea. It is an elongated body of water which stretches far northward up to a much colder climate. In fact the north part freezes in most winters. "Over 130 rivers provide inflow to the Caspian, with the Volga River being the largest" (Wikipedia).

So if you wanted to go from Europe (or west of the Middle East) to the Far East and/or from the Far East to west of the Middle East, you almost had no choice but to go through Iran. In the south there is a large gulf and ocean, and in the north there is the Caspian Sea which is huge and elongated northward into a much colder climate, plus a large river (Volga) to deal with (to cross in cold weather, etc.).

Also remember that traveling by sea was not that easy in the past and was much more dangerous than traveling by land. So indeed few would have chosen to go from west to east, or vice-versa, other than through Iran.

We have explained in our other writings, lectures, articles, etc. that Native Americans came from America (North, Central and South) to Asia (of course, also some people from Asia came to America). Furthermore, the Aryan (white) race came from Europe to Asia and a branch of it ended up in Iran.

In addition, India is a land that was separated from Africa and ended up becoming a part of Asia, so the original people of the Indian land, which came from Africa, were black. Also, the Indonesian and other similar races which are a combination of some of these races, plus they might have had their own unique characteristics, were close to these other races and mixed with them, etc.

It is clear that God was working to bring all races to Asia and very close to the Middle East and Iran.

All these races travelled, had business dealings with each other and the rest of the world, waged wars, etc. What route did they have to choose to go from east to west and west to east? They had to do it through the Middle East and Iran. That is why the people in Iran and some of their neighbors are probably the most mixed race on earth. In a sense you can say God reversed the process of separating humans to different races and started mixing them again in the Middle East and especially Iran.

The first Prophet to Reveal the existence of only One God was Zoroaster in Iran. He founded the Zoroastrian religion which dominated Iran until the advent of Islam. The next great Prophet that came to humanity was Abram (God later changed His name to Abraham). He appeared in Ur, in Iraq. The influence of the Zoroastrian religion was all throughout Iran by this time, but there were other nearby nations where people still worshipped many gods and statues as their gods. However, Abram believed in One God. Was Abram a Zoroastrian, a Persian?

Zoroastrians, at that time, were the only ones that believed there is only One God. So it is most likely that He (Abram) was a Zoroastrian. All Prophets were born into their family's religion before they received their Revelation and brought a new way to look at God and His Work. Esa (Christ) was a born in a Jewish family. Muhammad was born within a family (tribe) believing in what the Arabs believed in Mecca. Bab and Baha'u'llah were Muslims, Baba was a Hindu, etc. So Abram was a Zoroastrian (or was influenced by them), believing in One God.

Iraq and Iran have had exchanges of culture between them for thousands of years. A Zoroastrian missionary (or just a Persian Zoroastrian) being in Iraq is not a farfetched idea, especially since we can tell that Abram and his family liked to (or had to) travel and explore new territories, as it is explained they did in the Bible (moved from place to place). He seems to have lived a nomadic life and even his son Ishmael (Arabs) also chose that way of life. He came from Iran, believed in One God (was Zoroastrian) and found a people who were pagan. He started converting them to His religion (believing in One God) and later on God Revealed to Him that He Himself was a Prophet. He started the Hebrew religion (Judaism) and a new movement and religion formed.

Many prophets came to the Hebrews. If we believe that Abram was Persian, then all these prophets also had Persian genes (were Persian). Not only that but: The whole Hebrew race has Persian genes in it.

Later on, we have a Major Manifestation, Christ (Esa), who was sent to humanity from the Jews (Hebrews). With the same logic, He also was Persian.

The next Major Manifestation was Prophet Muhammad. He came from the other son of Abram (Ishmael). So Prophet Muhammad also had Persian genes in Him. Indeed He was very fond of Persians and some of His main generals were Persian. He also predicted that the next Prophet would come from Persia.

The next Major Manifestations were Bab and Baha'u'llah, both from Persia.

Baba, the founder of the Sixth Seal, was from North India. As we know, the Aryan race came to Asia and ended up in the north of India. It is possible that Baba and Zoroaster had a very similar genetic makeup! Baba's genes were, most probably, very similar to Persian and had much genetic diversity. Who knows, He might even have been genetically connected to Zoroaster. I surely am and I did not know it!

With this logic we can see that all Major Manifestations and most Prophets have come from the Persians, a very highly-mixed race: One which, most probably, has the genetic signature of most races on earth.

Are the chosen people those who have the most genes from all other races? Is the idea of a pure race being superior a false one?

It seems God is not in favor of the supremacy of a pure race; otherwise He would have sent His Major Manifestations and Prophets from them. Remember, material advancement and being prosperous in this world is not the Goal. Indeed you might gain this world and lose your soul (which God says is not a good bargain). So, material advancement does not make you a superior race, at least not in God's Eyes. On the other hand, you may lose this world and gain your Soul, which is a Good Bargain. Therefore to create a New Man, humanity should forget the idea of a pure race. They should mix the races even more, to the point where Oneness in race is achieved.

Other ways to recognize the connection between Abram and Persians are explained in my Satsangs and writings (links above in the second and third paragraphs of this article). They are to study the historical events that transpired between the Hebrews, Arabs and Persians:

The Persian Empire conquered Iraq (Assyrians). Not only did they free the exiled Hebrews (Jews by this time - from the tribe of Judah) but they also gave them a very high place in the kingdom. In fact Persian kings married many Jewish women and so many kings carried the genes of the Hebrews (who really were Persians anyway). Persian kings also helped the Jews to rebuild their temple and revive their religion, etc.

Unless Persians were aware that the Hebrew race was a part of them, why would they be so brotherly only to them when they destroyed the Assyrians almost to the point of extinction? So these kings, and their people, were aware of their relationship with the Hebrews (Jews).

At the time of the birth of Christ, the only race, besides Jews, that was aware of the coming of the Messiah and actively sought Him were the Persians (the Magi the three wise men). Apparently they were close to the Hebrew race and believed in their Prophecies and expectations. Indeed still the largest Jewish community in the world, outside Israel, lives in Iran.

Prophet Muhammad also was very fond of his Persian followers. He, as mentioned above, predicted that the next Prophet would come from within that country. So He must have also been aware of His relationship, through Abram, with the Persians.

With all this evidence it is hard to ignore that: Iran has been chosen for a great purpose in God's Plan (as all nations have been). Indeed all Great Prophets and all Major Manifestations have come from that race, or races close to it such as in the case of Baba. In fact Baba has written about the Aryan race. So it seems He might have been aware that He was also from that race.

Would God let an area (nation) that was chosen to manifest His Prophets and all Major Manifestations be destroyed and vanish off the face of the earth? Would He let any power on earth destroy what He has so diligently Planned and Executed? Would attacking Iran put in motion a great Plan that will bring much suffering to everyone?

I do not predict the future, unless it is Revealed to me clearly. The future belongs to God. However, I am afraid that attacking Iran will be a major turning point of our time. I am writing this article to forewarn humanity of what has been the Plan of God and how He (God) feels about the Middle East and Iran. One thing is for sure: Whoever attacked the Middle East was eventually destroyed. Will that also be true about attacking Iran? Will they listen to this, and listen to His Prophets, their warnings and their Revelations? I am afraid I am not that enthusiastic.

Or maybe Sun Bear and his prediction (link goes to his book, search for "Iran") is the way it will be. In a vision he sees that Iran is destroyed/vanished off the map. To me, however, this seems to be less a possibility as God has put too much into that area to just let it be destroyed. However, if that is the Will of God it is FINE with me.

I am only attached to God, as should you be!

Note 1: This situation reminds one of the story about the Atlantean and Lemurian races. The Atlanteans were industrious and intellectual. Their industry was based on crystals (the silicon used in computers is crystal)! The Lemurians were Spiritual and Heart. The Atlanteans eventually wiped the Lemurians off the earth. So there was no Spiritual base left on earth and the Atlanteans lost their way even in a greater degree. Eventually they were also destroyed (they destroyed themselves).

Note 2: In order for you to know why Iranians are so against the US, you might watch this video in Youtube. Nations have done such unjust actions to each other all throughout history. Those who have done these things eventually were themselves exposed to similar treatments.

I am afraid if we do not learn our lessons from History (His Story), these unjust behaviors will eventually backfire, and those who continue with their political ways, instead of Gods Ways, will pay a hefty price!

I always have said that those who enslave (are unjust to) others will eventually do the same to their own people. We are seeing that individual freedom is vanishing in the West. The salvation of humanity is in the Revelations sent by God. We have to realize that the Law of Karma is True and all should stop imposing their will and desires on others.

We have to learn to respect everyone and be just to them. Only such treatment of each other and following the Ways of God (Eternal Divine Path) will bring a world without Karma and with Unity, Peace, Brotherhood and the Kingdom.

Note 3: Turkey also seems to be a part of the bridge between the East and the West. The existence of the Black Sea to the north of Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea to the south would have left travellers from the East who were going to Europe, and vice versa, with no choice but to go through Turkey (as they had to go through Iran).

However, this is not true if you are traveling by land from Africa to east of Iran, or from east of Iran to Africa. You could come to Asia through the Suez channel and then go through Iran to the east, or vice versa, thus missing Turkey altogether!

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