March/April 2012 Newsbrief Message From Maitreya

Do We (God) Hate Homosexuals?

We recently sent out an email to our mailing list called "Martin Luther King, Jr, and the Issue of Homosexuality." We also have talked negatively about homosexual activities in many of our writings. It might give the impression that we hate them.

Do we (God) hate homosexuals, pedophiles, adulterers, fornicators, and all kinds of sinners?

How can you hate anything in this universe as all is God?

The metaphor in explaining how God feels about sinners is: To look at the situation as the head of an organization looks at his employees. Every organization and business is based on the reason for which it is formed. Each has its own culture and rules. What happens if some employees break the rules, never learn, and never give up their own ways to what are the company's expectations from them? They will be fired.

The same is true about God's setup of this universe. It is created for a reason (purpose). It has its own culture and rules. What happens if some people would not follow, help, and succumb to the rules and setup of this universe? Eventually God has no choice but to fire them.

So we (God) do not hate anyone (their Essence). However, He hates the darkness which has covered those employees who are disobedient and ineffective. It is not as if God has not forewarned them that if they continue this way, they will be fired (put in fire). He has been sending Prophets and Major Manifestations to humanity for the last 12,000 years. Indeed He has been more than tolerant. No other employer would be this patient. Now the Mission has brought to humanity the last warnings.

The time is up: Either we listen to God and adapt ourselves to His culture and requirements, or the time of firing the disobedient employees is near!

We indeed should deal with the Essence of the sinners as part of God, but a part that something has gone wrong with. If we can, we have to create an environment that will polish them to their Perfection as they should be.

Teach them the Communities of Light, the Compassion of God, the Ways of the Spirit. Never tire of saving Souls for God and Fulfilling the reason this universe is created for.

We do not hate the sick, but the sickness, which Kills the Soul. We hate whatever is in the way of man to God!

Amen (OM).

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