March/April 2012 Newsbrief Reports

Reports from Light Bridges

US, New York

Project manager, Tithes

Sal-Om everyone,

These past two months the IMs on Paltalk and posts on Facebook with new people were focused on how to use the search engine on the Mission website, and how to find the audios they were interested in listening to. A few guests in Paltalk IM'd to ask if there was a link available to the Satsang (Discourse) that was currently playing in the Paltalk room. There were also several who wanted to know if audio recordings of THOTH were available, and some others asking for help in locating the audios of the meditation classes, etc. Will continue to carry and hand out Mission cards.

Wanted to share one other happening: It has been a while since running into any of the parents from the homeschooling days when we invited the children with their parents to our Garden Day (that was about 16 years ago). On two separate occasions recently, was approached by two women who wanted to say thank you again for those great days (of course, all thanks go to God and Maitreya). Good thing I had Mission cards in my pocket.

Lately when posting links to Maitreya's writings and Satsangs, etc. on Facebook, have shared those links in the Learn more about the Mission of Maitreya group.

Ananda Ma

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