March/April 2012 Newsbrief Reports

Reports from Light Bridges

US, North and South Carolina

Sal-Om MOM and everyone!

It seems that social networking on Facebook is the most fruitful way to go right now. I have done a lot of sharing with a wide variety of people. There have been many who have used the chat area to contact me about spiritual things and I always point them to the Mission and its website. One man in Africa says he would like to share the teachings and is trying to get a whole computer set-up going.

Another girl asked if she could repost a Mission message and pic on her wall and I told her anytime!

I gave out the URLs for the books Universe and Man and The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in THOTH as one young man was interested in reading the whole of them based on some quotes that had been posted. And there is much more...but mainly the message is getting out there to people, although most still want to stay on the outskirts of things just watching at this point. But we in the Mission know connections are being made and things are being set up for the time when it will all take off. So we just keep sharing and God will provide the time.

I love sharing the Mission and often am very excited when I get to do a lot of sharing in any given period of time.

I have continued to do some sharing on the other networks as well, adding new friends on Spiritual Networks (with the Mission URL), posting on Twitter a bit, and an article or two on Care2. I also had someone on Paltalk contact me who had been in the room "Everything is God" when Maverick and I did that. He had been diagnosed with diabetes and wanted to know about healing. So I shared the Misson's teaching about learning to heal oneself with him...and told him in general that learning about and doing Mission work is the greatest healer of the soul.

Sal-Om to all,


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