May/June 2012 Newsbrief → Announcements

Contacts Section Redesigned and Other Changes

We have decided to revamp and streamline the contacts section of the Mission organization and website. Our goal is to make it simpler, easier to use, and more efficient for both contacts and those interested in the Mission. This change will likely be further refined and implemented over the coming weeks/months. It will also affect other related areas such as our temporary categories (especially Light Bridges and Light Bearers), project managers, Newsbrief reports, etc.

Here is a quick breakdown of the changes that have been made so far:

  • The listing of Mission contacts on the website has been removed. Instead, we now ask all those interested in the Mission to contact the Center directly. Then we can put them in touch with contacts in their area, forward their questions to those with expertise in different subjects, etc.

    We feel this will streamline the contact process by allowing everything to flow through one center and then be delegated efficiently. For example, if a contact does not feel they are the best person to answer a question or be in contact with someone, they can let us know and we can instead direct that question/person to another contact (rather than being contacted directly and having to deal with anyone that contacts them, every question they are asked, etc.).

    We also feel this will better protect the privacy of our contacts, as their personal and contact information will no longer be on the website for all to see (and use however they see fit). Therefore, contacts should connect those they reach out to directly to the Mission Center, and then the Center will connect those individuals to whoever/wherever would be best for the Mission's and their progress!

    This also applies to those whom we formerly had listed as counselors and/or willing to help newcomers in other languages. These sections have also been removed, and again we ask all to contact the Center directly and then be forwarded to the correct individual.

    The only exception to this rule is for those who are translating the teachings into other languages on their own websites, such as the Turkish website. In this case, visitors might only know that language (no English at all), and it would only create confusion to ask them to contact us first. Therefore, the creators of these websites can put their own contact information on their websites for people to contact them directly in their languages. We are also planning to add something similar to the parts of our website that are translated, such as the base of our teachings in other languages, for those languages we have contacts for. These contacts will soon receive more information on this idea.
  • Although we will continue to use our system of Mission temporary categories (Seeker, Bridge, Bearer, etc.), and current Bridges and Bearers will remain as they are, we are no longer listing them as such publicly. This will become an internal system in the Mission for us to know who might be more dedicated, better able to answer questions, etc. If you ever want to verify the status of someone as a Light Bridge, Light Bearer, or other category, please contact us for confirmation.
  • The names of project managers are no longer listed on the projects page. Instead, we have set up special email addresses for each project which will auto-forward to the emails of the project managers. Again, this is to better protect privacy as well as to direct the attention more towards the project itself rather than the individual who is managing it. Due to this change, if any project manager is contacted by someone, we suggest they might want to introduce themselves and give a little background so the person contacting knows who they are talking to, etc.
  • Newsbrief reports are no longer required for any level of membership (Light Seeker, Bridge, Bearer, etc.). They also will no longer be categorized by these categories, but only by the area they were received from. This may be the beginning of a larger change in Newsbrief reports; if so, it will become clear in later Newsbriefs. For now, the important point is that reports are no longer required or expected of anyone, but instead anyone is welcome to send in a report if they have done something good for the Mission and want to share it with others to provide inspiration, ideas, etc.

These changes are preliminary and, as usual in the Mission, will probably pass through further iterations, improvements, etc. before we settle on a completely final version. The overall Vision and purpose of the changes is to make the contacts system more efficient, easier to understand, more focused on the Center, and better protecting of the privacy of our contacts. If you have any questions about this change, or if we did not cover something in this announcement, please contact us and ask! ATTG.

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