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The Return of the White Raven

By Andrew Dwight Harris

(quotes from Maitreya and Mission teachings in red)

"The Bird That Turned the Meat Bitter" is a Mandan legend. Ravens are usually completely black birds, however the Mandan legend (below) makes mention of a white raven, and the prophecy in this traditional story is about a white raven that will return:

The Bird That Made the Meat Bitter

Looking about the lodges in the village, Coyote saw strings of jerked meat, but the people were lean. He asked why this was. The people said, "When we go hunting, only the fastest butchers can get their meat home in good condition. There is a Raven which flies over calling "Get bitter! Get bitter!" (gi-ba in Mandan) and the meat turns bitter." Coyote asked for a sample. He chewed but could not swallow the meat, it was so bitter. He said, "I must have this thing righted." He sent the young girl after firewood and had it piled ready to light, first laying down manure because it keeps the flame a long time. Then he had the men get timber rope and make a snare. He filled up his pipe and asked help of his fellow creatures. The big Spider came to his aid, and he lighted the pipe for the Spider to smoke. Now the Raven lived in a hollow tree out of which it flew when the men were butchering. Big Spider said, "It is easy to snare that bird. Be ready to snare him into the fire and let him burn. Some of his feathers will fly into the air and turn into birds. When you see a white Raven fly out a cry 'At the end of the world there shall be seen a white Raven as a sign that the world is coming to an end' that will be the last of it."

They sent out young men into the hills scouting. These reported Buffalo. They made ready for the hunt. The fastest runners went ahead to encircle the herd. Buffalo always run towards the wind, but the runners drove them towards the other hunters. These formed a corral where they slaughtered the whole herd. The men with large families packed meat home; others followed behind. Meanwhile, some watched by the hollow tree. When the bird came out, before it could cry, Coyote caught it by the neck and pulled it to the ground. It had the head of a man and the body of a bird. The face was human but had no hair. The body had wings and a long neck. It was a frightful thing to see. Coyote clubbed the bird and threw it into the flames. Feathers flew up and turned into birds and flew away. The unburned bones Coyote crushed with his club. Finally out flew a white Raven and said, "When the world is about to end I will come to you again!" So Coyote told the people that was to be a sign to them.

Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein, a Yupik Elder, confirmed the above story when she told the prophecy "The Return of White Raven," as she says it here:

"Prophecy states that when people become spiritual again, the White Raven will return."

Notice in the Mandan story, "The Bird That Made the Meat Bitter," that it is actually a story of the Phoenix. The Phoenix is a story of death and rebirth, symbolized by the Phoenix bird being burned to ashes then rising upward out of the ashes a new bird. The story is found in most cultures. The word Phoenix is Greek, but the Phoenix story originated in the Hindu Scripture Rig Veda as Vena:

6. They gaze on thee with longing in their spirit, as on a strong-winged bird that mounteth sky-ward;
On thee with wings of gold, Varuna's envoy, the Bird that hasteneth to the home of Yama.
(Rig Veda HYMN CXXIII. Vena - Source)

In the modern world, there are connections made through traditional or cultural stories that in turn connect us all. We can connect the Mandan story of the White Raven to the Hindu hymn, and the Phoenix, and the Bible, and then to the Mission of Maitreya.

In THOTH it is explained why similar stories spread around the world. Why, for example, a similar story of the Phoenix is found in so many, very geographically separated peoples. It says in THOTH, The Holiest Book, Holiest One, Tablet 23, that this happened after the Flood of Noah:


"And Noah builded an altar unto the Lord; and took of every clean beast, and of every clean fowl, and offered burnt offerings on the altar." (Genesis 8:20)

<1>The new generation started to build altars and offer burnt offerings to the Lord. This new generation lost its direct contact with God. However, Noah still had this direct relationship with God, so he set a symbolic example for the other humans of sacrificing.

<2>These teachings of Noah to the new generation and his example became the base for the religion of the new human. <3>Later on the essence of these teachings was preserved as the base of the religion of humanity and spread all throughout the earth. This is the base of most of the Mystical Paths existing. Eventually some of these teachings were written down as the Vedas. In their refined form they became the Vedantas.

<4>In the Far East, from this knowledge combined with many other discoveries and absorption of many parts from other religions, a body of knowledge was formed to which all religions of the Far East and the Mystical Paths in other religions are related. (For a deeper meaning of the phrases used here as "Mystical Paths" or "Far East Philosophies," see The Glossary.)

So far, we have found out that the White Raven will return when humans are spiritual again, but also, at the same time, it will be the end of the world. Therefore, we know the Return of White Raven is an End Time prophecy that relates to the Tribulation in the Bible.

The story of the Tribulation is similar to a Phoenix that burns up then rises skyward out of the ashes a new bird. In the Bible, a New Heaven and a New Earth will appear out of the old heaven and the old earth:

"And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea." (Revelation 21:1)

John the Baptist tells us who the White Raven is by confirming who the Christ is in John 1:26-27. In THOTH, Saint John (Explained), Tablet 2, it explains:

"John answered them, saying, I baptize with water: but there standeth one among you, whom ye know not;" (John 1:26)

"He it is, who coming after me is preferred before me, whose shoe's latchet I am not worthy to unloose." (John 1:27)

<6> Again he answered them that he was the harbinger of Christ, that he was Elias (Elijah).

Then John the Baptist tells us exactly who White Raven is in Matthew 3:11 by saying the Christ will baptize by fire. In THOTH, Commentaries On St. Matthew, Tablet 3, it explains being baptized by the Holy Ghost, and with fire:

"I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire:" (Matthew 3:11)

<25>In fact, being baptized with The Holy Ghost (satva raja, or Fire) is the only true way of being baptized. Baptism by water is a symbol of that kind of baptism, because only after repentance and changing the way of life toward purification will a person receive The Holy Ghost and truly be baptized.

Being baptized by "satva raja, or Fire" - in particular Fire - "toward purification" is like the Phoenix.

At the end of the Bible, the Christ, or White Raven, will return. This must then be the answer to the prophecy. White Raven is the Return of Christ, and the Return of Christ is Maitreya. Note in the below quote that it is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah that is indicated, and this is a reference to the Christ. Therefore, as it says in the Bible, it is the Second Coming of Christ who opens the Book of the Seven Seals and unveils the Mystery of God:

"And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;" (Revelation 5:9)

"But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets." (Revelation 10:7)

Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein states the prophecy "that when people become spiritual again, the White Raven will return." This means humans were once spiritual before. What she is talking about happened a long time ago when humans were more spiritual, explained in THOTH as before the new "mighty men which were of old, men of renown," The Base, Tablet 8:

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

(Genesis 6:4)

And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.

(Genesis 6:13)

<1>The humans had direct access to the spiritual powers, so they could manipulate them and use them as they pleased. Because they (most of them) misused them, a disturbance in the balance of nature resulted and this affected all levels of existence of the old generation. <2>Also great powers were released which had created unrest in nature ("the earth is filled with violence through them").

<3>God then decided to take these powers away from humans, so He would not have to struggle with them, "And the Lord said, My Spirit shall not always strive with man,..." (Gen. 6:3). He would only give these powers back to those who were worthy to receive them after proving they would not misuse them.

<4>So the door of the spiritual center (third eye) in the human was closed, and the spiritual understandings and powers became latent (kundalini). Man became a rational animal with only intellect left in him.

<5>With this, the human became completely helpless and powerless. He no longer can misuse the powers in the universe for his mundane desires. Now God could leave men by themselves and only through His Prophets and sons, little by little, bring those who show they are worthy to higher consciousness, awaken their spiritual understandings (kundalini), and open their eyes (third eyes) to the higher truth. This process started twelve thousand years ago.

<6>Also, in the last six thousand years, He has created a history for men that is full of lessons. This was done so that eventually they would understand these lessons and through them would learn not to make the same mistakes again. Also it would teach that God is the true Guide and should be followed. That is what history is for.

<7>Man before the flood did not have a history. That is why history only goes back five or six thousand years.<8> Furthermore, through the same time period, by His Messengers (sons of God), God has sent the Eternal Divine Path to guide humans, step-by-step, toward becoming His sons. This path covers seven truths that have been revealed to humanity by seven Prophets (Angels) as seven religions.

<9>Only when all of the seven truths are understood and their relationships realized and followed, can a man awaken his spiritual forces and become one with Him.

<10>The beginning of this new kind of man ("men of renown") and Plan is symbolized by the flood of Noah, destruction of the old earth and creation of the new one.

<11>Actually the civilization that was destroyed was living in a land* in the Atlantic Ocean between Southern Europe and Northern Africa, and it stretched to the southern part of North America.

<12>These new humans started their life on the earth in an area north of that land which also was destroyed later (Gen. 10:25). They became "mighty men which were of old, men of renown." Their intellectual power, reasoning, and understandings were greater than that of the old human with great spiritual powers but little reasoning. With these abilities, they could reach higher consciousness but could not misuse the universal forces for their mundane desires.


* The land mentioned above in the Atlantic Ocean surfaced between North America and Europe, and then later on sank again.

In conclusion, there are many things to understand, but we know that when the White Raven returns humans will be spiritual again. THOTH explains the migration of people, and teachings, after Noah, exactly as it happened. We were separated and scattered around the world, but today we are connected through world communications. If we remain separated, by countries, religions, races, or anything that separates us, then we cannot become spiritual again.

We will understand the beautiful things in THOTH and The Greatest Sign because a prophecy is meant to come true, and Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein did not say if we become spiritual again, she said when we become spiritual again. Maitreya is the White Raven because John the Baptist said the Christ will baptize with fire, which reflects the Phoenix story and the end of the Mandan story "The Bird That Made the Meat Bitter." This also means the Return of the Christ is the Seventh Angel, and Maitreya is the Seventh Angel who wrote the book THOTH.

Note: Also see a response we received to this article, and Maitreya's answer to it!

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